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Hot Hookups

The “Hot Hook Ups” brand of Bellesa House is all based on performers getting paired together unexpectedly. You can tell how unscripted everything is, as there’s no emphasis on opening to the camera or capturing penetration. The camera is just there to document the sex.

Valentina Nappi and Robby Echo:

Jacky St. James puts together an impromptu hookup between soft spoken Robby Echo and Italian bombshell Valentina Nappi in the opener. Echo shares his philosophy on sex and his approach to people in general, while both performers answer a question about the differences they see between European male performers and American male performers. There’s some really interesting insight here, and fans who’ve enjoyed BTS material in their porn over the years will love this stuff. As for the sex, wow, is it great! Nappi is the visual epitome of a sultry siren with her incredible curves and robust breasts, and she looks fabulous wrapped around Echo’s body as he humps her excitedly. Echo alternates between slow, rhythmic strokes and fast aggressive thrusts throughout, leaving Nappi quivering with pleasure.

Ryan Keely and Alex Mack:

Keely comments on her “Star Wars”-inspired sexual nickname (sweet) giving the audience an idea of what to expect. The conversation revolves around the experience of working with someone for the first time, including how they handle situations where there’s no chemistry. It was cool to see Keely go the softer route because that’s what Mack likes, especially considering her admission at the start that she tends to like more aggressive sex. It really showed how giving she is as a lover. To his credit, Mack wasn’t some pushover; he gives Keely a thorough pounding that leaves her perhaps a bit more satisfied than she expected. At one point, the heat gets a bit too intense; so, the couple takes a break, and St. James leaves the camera rolling. That’s exactly what Bellesa House is about.

Joanna Angel and Gianna Dior:

Dior and Angel both talk about how much they enjoy working with women, with Dior specifically citing the frustration of working with women who don’t actually like having sex with women. Angel talks about the sneaky way she planned to meet up with Dior again after being on set with her but not having the chance to work with her. It’s all very interesting. These two ladies absolutely adore kissing each other, and Angel especially is just totally enamored with Dior’s body. She spends so much time caressing her and rubbing her all over, and Dior eggs her on with a steady stream of dirty talk. Angel starts out as the definite top, but the more into Dior she gets, the more her body begs Dior to take control. By the end, she’s practically begging the young woman to use her. This is the most intense scene in the movie.

Katie Morgan and Ryan Mclane:

Morgan and Mclane recount their experience working on a film whose production went horribly wrong. During the shoot, Morgan and Mclane had a scene that got changed to softcore unexpectedly — which created a scenario where their sexual tension was bursting at the seams. While they weren’t able to get their fix on that shoot, Jacky St. James set them up to make up for that lost time here. Surprisingly, Morgan and Mclane don’t rip into each other like one might expect. There’s an extreme intensity, to be sure, but it’s not the hard rage pounding that so much porn is known for. Instead, what we see is full passion and desire escaping the human body through sex. It’s truly magical and is made all the more impactful because we know the history behind the sex. FYI, this is why porn attached to stories is so much more powerful.

I think fans will really enjoy this intimate look into unscripted sex. Every scene is great, but Morgan and Mclane shine the brightest here. Their sex smolders like the embers of a raging inferno, and it’s impossible not to get caught up in their wave of passion.


Real People. True Stories. Uncut Sex.

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