Palm Springs Day Pass

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Palm Springs Day Pass

Solid meat-and-potatoes sexplay shot by Trenton Ducati on location at the infamous CCBC men-only resort in Palm Springs. MVP honors go to Pierce Paris and Pheonix Fellington for their magnetic sexual confidence and Devin Franco for his wholesome, amiable erotic appeal.

Ian Frost and Franco share a hungry chemistry in their bedroom hookup. Frost sports a lean, ripped physique and bubble butt, while easygoing stud Franco grins pleasurably throughout. Both studs share a wanton sexual hunger; they flip-fuck, but they both come alive when their butts are stuffed with cock. Franco, especially, rolls his eyes back with pleasure and begs Frost to open him up.

Jack Kross and Paris are allegedly cruising the back alleys of Palm Springs, which suspiciously resemble a CCBC outdoor play area. Kross is scruffy and a compliant bottom, while ruggedly handsome Paris, a national treasure, kisses with forcefulness and smoothly dominates Kross, gagging as he deep throats, tongue-fucking Kross’s butt and skillfully spitting onto his plus-sized boner for added lube as he piston-fucks Kross.

Nic Sahara and Vincent O’Reilly are both lean, fit and nicely inked studpups with angelically youthful good looks. The latter is sunning by the pool and immediately invited over Sahara, who doesn’t hesitate. Sahara is a rising star; he rubs down O’Reilly, offers a delicious blowjob and eats ass with clear pleasure. O’Reilly twerks his irresistible bubble butt onto Sahara’s tongue and rides him happily.

A jock strap-clad Fellington is strolling the grounds when he discovers Zak Bishop, similarly attired, lying on the bed in his room, door wide open, waiting for someone to ravish him. Fellington complies, offering his extra-sized, thick boner, which Bishop impressively deep throats. Fellington smoothly, skillfully eats out Bishop and stuffs him with cock; the latter is putty in the hands of his skilled topman as he moans and groans, begging for a harder, deeper plow.

Handsome Steven Lee has been wandering the grounds and working his boner through his shorts. He finds Michael Boston around a corner nude, waiting for a stud to make himself available. They dive onto each other and Boston, displaying an appealing submissive side, is hungrily compliant, particularly as Lee forcefully fucks him and orders him to change positions and bounce on his cock.


Get ready for your Palm Springs Day Pass to the world-renowned CCBC Resort, where director Trenton Ducati and his ten horny muscle studs crank up the heat with raw, uninhibited bareback fucking. Join in on the fun in this sex-filled playground where the sun is shining, and the studs are always hot. The next time you need to get off, book a Palm Springs Day Pass where you'll find all the fun in the sun you need. Devin Franco and Ian Frost can't keep their hands off each other after checking in. The two exchange blowjobs before flip-fucking in an intense, raw fuck-fest until both studs are covered with jizz. Pierce Paris is cruising the back alleys of Palm Springs where he finds horny hunk Jack Kross doing the same. Pierce gives the stud what he wants when his slams his bare, massive monster deep into Jack's hole until he fucks the cum out of the panting stud and dumps his own load down Jack's greedy throat. After eyeing Vincent O'Reilly at the pool, Nic Sahara pulls out his cock to face fuck the handsome stranger before sliding into Vincent's waiting hole. Pheonix Fellington spots Zak Bishop through an open door of the resort with his ass in the air and accepts that as his invitation to get balls deep in the lucky stud. Steven Lee and Michael Boston swap blowjobs after cruising each other before Michael gets on all fours to take Steven's thick pole deep inside his hole.

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