Five scenes (four duos and a quasi-threesome) revolve around the preparations for Chris Damned’s wedding day and focus on wordless seduction. It’s smart twist on a standard premise with a strong, suited-up cast.

Damned can really take a photo; he’s pictured on the box cover art. He is tall and lean, inked and magnetically scruffy, while Jack Bailey is slim, smooth and wholesomely adorable. Fans of opposite-type pairings ought to really enjoy this one.

As Bailey polishes Damned’s shoes, the latter is silently exuding let’s-fuck vibes and it isn’t long before they’re passionately kissing. Bailey hungrily sucks on Damned’s cock; the latter is a strong, confident top and throws a sensual fuck into the eager young stud. He blasts a rope of seed across Bailey’s chest, while the latter jerks out a splattery cumshot of his own and they embrace as they bask in the afterglow.

Damned recurs later in a hookup between groomsman Shane Cook and tailor Jay Tee. Both studs are smooth and square-jawed with sculpted physiques; Tee’s alabaster skin and pumped-up pecs are particularly alluring when they are coated in sticky seed. Cook throws a solid fuck into Tee’s round ass while Damned watches with approval and briefly plays with his own beautiful cock.

Cook recurs opposite Austin Avery, another groomsman who tries on his tuxedo and thoroughly enjoys exploring his tight, smooth physique in tailored clothes. He even steps into the shower, still partially dressed; no, it doesn’t really make sense, but he’s a fashion-model beauty with long hair (unusual for gay adult) who is lickably attractive in any situation. He and Cook appear to share genuine chemistry as they smooch lustily and remain rock-hard throughout. Avery brings power-bottom energy to their bathroom-floor bang and fucks himself with Cook’s cock. He stands over his topman and jerks out a thick load that soaks just about every inch of Cook’s ruggedly handsome features.

Damned has a third scene, a passionate duo with national treasure Devin Franco, as he enjoys one more tryst before the ceremony. They kiss even as they fuck, maintain body contact and fall into sync with each other; both share a similar wanton, lusty enjoyment and Damned particularly comes alive when he has a partner, like Franco, who is up for anything.

Cole Connor and Adrian Hart play two additional groomsman who find they are instantly horny after trying on their tuxedos. Connor steps outside to smoke a cigar; he and Hart exchange smoldering glances from either side of a plate glass window and then move inside to devour each other in the kitchen. Both are exceptionally fit and hung; Connor spreads Hart across the counter and snacks on his cock and crack. Their traded blowjobs and fuck sessions crackle with intensity and energy. Connor barely pulls out of Hart’s chute in time to dump a wet load all over his round ass cheek. It’s a superb duo.


Subtle glances, inviting looks, suggestive gestures, and provocative signals define the art of sensual gay seduction in Inseam. While preparing for his wedding, Chris Damned assembles the hottest wedding party and assistants, who help him prepare for the festivities by partaking in the silent persuasion that leads to the most intense bareback action. Director Trenton Ducati expertly orchestrates the groom's big day and the intimate moments that evolve into unrelenting hardcore encounters. Inseam will have you loosening up that collar, dropping those trousers, and letting your inhibitions fall to the floor with them. Husband-to-be Chris Damned visits his shoe shiner Jack Bailey for one last polish of Jack's tight hole. Best man Austin Avery is joined in the shower by groomsman Shane Cook to get his ass spread open. After enjoying a cigar by the pool, Cole Connor breeds Adrian Hart in the kitchen. While the groom watches, wedding party member Shane and tailor Jay Tee fuck on the bed. Groomsman Devin Franco has one last hookup with the groom Chris before the ceremony.

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