Scrum: Go Big or Go Home

Hot House Entertainment
Scrum: Go Big or Go Home

Three duos and a sprawling two-part group fuck session explore sweaty sex in the locker room among the Hot House Bulldogs and their all-too-amiable opponents, the Raging Stallions.

“Scrum: Go Big or Go Home” was released alongside “Scrum: Balls to the Wall” from Raging Stallion Studios, and both serve as a follow-up to 2021’s XBIZ Awards-nominated “Scrum,” which introduced castmate Cole Connor.

Slim, pretty Tristan Hunter and muscular jock Roman Todd play grab-ass in the locker room and hook up in the shower, first with some passionate kissing and oral favors. They move to a bench for a sweaty flip-fuck; both studs stay connected with each other. It’s not just a typical suck-and-fuck. Hunter, especially, is a responsive bottom and they both pop loads as he is being ravished by Todd.

Devin Franco and Austin Avery are both slim, smooth and very fit. Both are also world-renowned power-bottoms, but Franco takes on the topman role here. Avery’s massage for a muscle cramp turns into slurpy ass-eating and a vigorous fuck session. Avery clearly vibes with Franco’s intensity and the cumshots are well-earned.

Grant Ducati, a smooth, adorable twink, is still wearing his team mascot costume when he bumps into muscular, fit Andre Donovan fresh from the shower. They are well-matched; Ducati exudes a frisky sex appeal and easily keeps up with Donovan, who leads him through an energetic suck-and-fuck session in the locker room. (Ducati wears the head of the costume as their sexplay kicks off.)

The Bulldogs may have lost their match against the Stallions, but there are no hard feelings in the locker room as the sweaty studs follow the lead of Coach Todd as he makes out with Cole Connor and kicks off an orgy. JJ Knight, Luca del Rey, Drew Valentino, Tarzan Top, Franco and Hunter are the participants. Highlights include Knight using his thick serpent of a cock to stretch open del Rey’s appealingly round ass and Valentino’s kinky creampie with Todd, as well as various teammates and opponents alike having their way with up-for-anything Franco, who never met an orgy he couldn’t happily dominate. He’s a national treasure.

The orgiastic display continues as furred hottie Valentino bangs Hunter and Todd fucks Connor (a sensual, attractive pairing). As they pass each other around, the magnetically handsome del Rey takes the cum blasts from his teammates and opponents.


Whether they're playing hard on the pitch or annihilating hole in the locker room, these oversexed Scrum: Go Big or Go Home jocks know that when you're dealing with a fellow rugby player you, you always have to give it your all. The Hot House Bulldogs know they have to Go Big or Go Home if they're going to beat the Raging Stallions, and they're prepared to put their asses on the line. From award-winning director Tony Dimarco, this bareback feature follows eleven men from the Hot House Bulldogs and the Raging Stallions that aren't afraid to get dirty during a match or get downright filthy in the locker room. When the only option is to Go Big or Go Home, rest assured that the horny men of Scrum will definitely be going as big as they possibly can.

Some playful snapping of jockstraps has led to Tristan Hunter and Roman Todd getting completely hard and flip-fucking where anyone on their team could just walk in on them. Austin Avery is in need of a deep massage after that intense practice and lucky for him, teammate Devin Franco is always willing to rub him down and go as deep as he needs. Team mascot Grant Ducati honestly didn't mean to walk in on Andre Donovan jerking off in the shower, but he's happy he did now that the horny athlete is stripping him down and filling up his smooth hole.

After the big match, the rival teams decide to display some good sportsmanship by heading back to the Stallions' locker room, ditching their sweaty uniforms and breaking out into a massive bareback orgy. Tristan, Roman, Cole Connor, Tarzan Top, and JJ Knight form a giant human pile of flesh that's only purpose is to suck and rim every available hole and pole in the locker room. The insatiable athletes, along with Devin, Luca del Rey, and Drew Valentino, then break off to bareback each other before both teams come together to drown Luca in an ungodly amount of jock cum.

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