Cade Maddox plays a photographer who tries to wrangle a group of naked, horny models until he finally gives up and joins the fun. Solid direction by Trenton Ducati from a script by Ben Rush; MVP honors to Dakota Payne and Sean Austin, but it’s a strong cast all around.

Ethan Sinns, slim and fit, can hardly be expected to concentrate on getting ready for his photo shoot with a hunk of beef like Sean Austin to distract him. The latter, an A-list clips star in a rare studio shoot, is compact and muscular with come-hither eyes, sensual lips and a plush ass begging to be plowed. Watch for Sinns’ hungry grin of pleasure as he fucks Austin, whose pumped pecs bounce as he’s getting fucked. Austin is also a skilled oralist and very dialed-in to his partner’s pleasure.

Des Irez and Grant Ducati skip out on their photo shoot for some alone time. Both sexy twinks are slim, hairless and fit, and very, very cute; Irez has some ink on his arm. They clearly share a friendly chemistry. Ducati, a protégé of director Trenton Ducati, exudes a fuckable sexual mojo; you can’t buy that kind of magnetism. They exchange slurpy blowjobs and Ducati throws a pleasurable fuck into his buddy, leading to a splattery cumshot.

Aiden Ward, very lean and wiry with a strong, handsome nose, and the slender, buffed Jim Fit, are another pair of horned-up models who break away from their shoot to hook up. Their passionate kissing and oral skills are a pleasure to watch; Fit’s bubble butt is teased by several other objects besides Ward’s thick, plus-sized python and it only serves to rev his engine; he’s a real pro. Ward displays a focused intensity when he’s plowing Fit, who easily keeps up with him, and jerks out several ropes of seed onto Fit’s handsome face.

Dakota Payne, of course, is a world-class sexualist, and takes on an all-too-rare topman role as he ravishes scruffy, fratboy-handsome Jake Klerin. The latter seems to particularly enjoy himself and submits to Payne’s steady hand. Their shared passion crackles as they kiss and enjoy foreplay — Payne has that effect on his costars — and move steadily into a piledriving fuck in several positions. It would be good to see Payne in more dominant roles as a top; he’s clearly got the skills for it. Klerin climaxes as he’s being fucked, splashing his abdomen with seed, followed by more cum from Payne.

Maddox is so horned-up by the day’s shenanigans that he decides to indulge himself with one of his naked models; in this case, it’s power bottom Jkab Ethan Dale, who is clearly dickmatized by Maddox’s jutting boner and irresistible sexual charm. Maddox begins his seduction outdoors in the bright sun as the other models watch and begin to play with each other. Always a smiling, sensual lover, Maddox can see Dale has melted into a puddle and moves gently, if forcefully, through kisses, oral and assplay, before delivering an expert fuck. It’s a real sight for sore eyes when he pulls out of Dale’s stretched chute to wrap his hand around his thick boner to jerk himself a few times to climax and splatter his spent bottom-toy.


It's an honor for any model to be included in the annual wall calendar for Skintight magazine, but the real pleasure comes from time spent on the sensual set of this X-rated photoshoot. From award-winning director Trenton Ducati and celebrated screenwriter Ben Rush, this bareback feature follows famed fashion photographer Cade Maddox as he manages a shoot that brings together nine of the very best and horniest models in the business. As you will soon see with these insatiable models and the hung photographer, nothing Skintight stays on for long. Before the day even begins, a naked Sean Austin is helping Ethan Sinns shave his ass to be camera-ready. When everyone starts to arrive for the actual shoot, Grant Ducati sneaks away to find a spot where he and his pierced cock can dick down Des Irez.

Jim Fit also finds himself breaking away from the large grouping of horned-up models to get fucked by a foosball handle, a pool cue, and the bareback cock of Aiden Ward. The next picturesque pairing to head inside is Jake Klerin and Dakota Payne, who uses his meat to fill Jake's smooth hole. Once everyone is back to work, photographer Cade is the one who finds himself distracted. The second he lays his lens on fresh-faced model Jkab Ethan Dale, he can't help but put his camera down, pull him to the side, and obliterate his ass as a crowd of models watch in awe.

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