In the Night
This five-scene, all-sex effort is the directorial debut of Ryan Brian and includes above-average lighting and camerawork to set a proper mood. Hunky Cade Maddox and beautiful young pup Grant Ducati, in separate scenes, earn MVP honors. Sleek, handsome Jordan Starr hangs out by the hot tub and works his curving cock with a stretchable silicone toy (which includes a handy finger grip). He’s soon joined by beautiful, long-haired Luca del Rey for a poolside fuck session; Brian’s camera keeps the focus tight and intimate. Del Rey’s vocal enjoyment amps the erotic heat; Starr remains focused and really seems to enjoy his job. Moody nighttime lighting is notable. Indoors, scruffy, freckled redhead Chris White is jerking his stuff boner when roomie Grant Ducati appears to lend a helping hand. Ducati is very slender and smooth with a ripped physique and alluring bubble buttl; despite his boyishness, Ducati has swagger. Their slurpy blowjobs and ass-eating lead to a pleasurable flip-fuck; Ducati rides White’s boner with alacrity and then switches roles to have his way with White. Des Irez and Evan Knoxx, pictured on the box cover art, are both trim, smooth and horny (Knoxx sports a bit of chin scruff). They’re out for a late-night cruise and naturally can’t keep their hands off each other. Knoxx is a confident top and appears to enjoy taking a Dom role with Irez, whose hungry grin and vocal encouragement keeps his buddy primed. Cock worship and a fuck session in the front seat of their convertible has a pleasing sensual vibe; both cumshots are sticky and wet. Brian’s attentive camera captures both studpups from above for extra coverage. As night falls, fratboy-handsome Trevor Brooks is outside and ready to tackle the first stud who shows up; that lucky cocksman happens to be fit, wholesome hunk Quin Quire. They get right down to business; oral worship and Quire vigorously eating out Brooks’ bubble butt are highlights. Their grunting fuck atop a bench, and against the windows, brings them both to a gasping climax. The marquee matchup has friendly musclebod Cade Maddox wielding his formidable cock to reduce pretty young studpup Jackson Bell to a puddle. The latter’s body language and happy grin suggest he can hardly believe his luck. Maddox, a sensual lover, is nevertheless in full control as he kisses and teases Bell; they bang atop a stack of tires, bathed in bright moonlight (or skilled lighting that suggests it). Their passionate tryst has a furtive, sweaty appeal and cumshots feel well-earned.

When the sun goes down, the men of Palm Springs know exactly where to go if they want to play In the Night. Directed by Ryan Brian, this nocturnal feature follows five hookups that take place in the dead of night with men who aren't afraid to stay up into the early hours of the morning pounding holes and busting nuts all over town. As these men take to the shadows to get off, it's easy to discover what goes bump - and hump - In the Night. With their neighbors able to peer over and spot their throbbing moonlit cocks, Luca del Rey and Jordan Starr take to the pool for a late-night bareback dip.

Nearby, Grant Ducati is walking in on roommate Chris White masturbating in the middle of their living room. While this isn't the first time he's caught him jacking off, this is the first time the unsuspecting twunk has greeted his jerking roomie with an open mouth. Across town, Evan Knoxx is pulling into an empty parking lot to fuck the smooth hole of Des Irez. Trevor Brooks is also enjoying some public play as he waits naked outside of his workshop ready for stranger Quin Quire to pump him full of his first load of the night. The area's most popular cruising spot is the old junkyard though. Surrounded by a wall of worn tires and rusted auto parts, Cade Maddox moves Jackson Bell's thong to the side as thrusts his girthy dick in the bottom's ass.

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