Skuff: Rough Trade 2

Hot House Entertainment
Skuff: Rough Trade 2

Four sizzling man-on-man match-ups in a classic Hot House series that focus on sexual aggression from pushy topmen and the power-bottoms they attempt to tame.

The plotless sexfest opens with a bang (pun intended) between Sean Zevran, current XBIZ Gay Performer of the Year, and Alexander Mecum. Both men sport fantastic, sculpted physiques. Although they flip-fuck with passion, Zevran comes alive when he delivers a piledriving fuck to the square-jawed dreamboat Mecum. Kissing and oral interplay set the table nicely.

Musclebod Johnny V turns up next to service Adam Bryant, stoic and low-key as he lazily jacks his cock and allows himself to be tended. It’s an alluring opening sequence. Johnny V savors Bryant’s boner, slathering it with spit and keeping it stiff and ready. Bryant preps his bottom’s twitching hole and delivers a slow-and-steady fuck that grows in piston-like intensity, with short, driving strokes, and to which Johnny V responds with loud vocal appreciation.

Singly named Jordan swaggers over to Micah Brandt, who is on all fours in a pair of shorts inscribed with the words “Fuck Me” and arrows pointing to a hole waiting to be ripped open. From the jump, Brandt groans, moans and growls like he’s ready to explode. Jordan, like Adam Bryant, is a low-key performer whose stoicism plays nicely against Brandt’s open hunger. Watch as Brandt’s eyes roll into the back of his head as he’s being butt-slammed. It’s as if he hasn’t had sex in years.

The final scene has boyishly adorable Sebastian Kross — superb body, bubble butt, gorgeous face — topping Mikoah Kan, strikingly handsome with scruffy, rugged good looks and a lean physique. Kan is all business as he tends to Kross, slathering up his boner with spit and then submitting to having his hole stretched out by a dildo. He grins widely as Kross bangs him and then comfortably lays back to have his topman douse him with cum.

Lighting, editing, scenic design and other tech credits are polished and unobtrusive. Fans of this style of dominant sexplay would do well to check out the entire “Skuff” series: “Skuff: Downright Dirty” (1999) with an A-list cast that includes Jason Branch, Marcus Iron and Kyle McKenna; “Skuff II: Downright Filthy” (2003) with Alex Collack, Arpad Miklos and Collin O’Neal; and “Skuff 3: Downright Wrong” (2005) with Thom Barron, Owen Hawk and Jason Ridge, as well as last year’s “Skuff: Rough Trade” (also featuring Jordan and Brandt).


Get down and dirty again with the twisted leather men of part 2 of 'Skuff: Rough Trade'. Nick Foxx and eight hunks rendezvous for the climax of this all-out leather fuck-fest in the finale of this installment of the famed Skuff series. These horny, hardcore fuckers are ready to go all the way with each other, boldly pushing their limits until they shoot hot, huge loads from their rock hard cocks. Sean Zevran and Alex Mecum trade head and flip flop in a sweaty, hazy warehouse, giving in entirely to their deviant pleasure. Adam Bryant shows Johnny V who’s the boss of his hole and ends a wild fuck session with a power pounding. Jordan hits all of Micah Brandt’s spots producing not one, not two, but three orgasms and hefty loads of cum. Sebastian Kross knows how to prep get a power bottom like Mikoah Kan with throat fucking, an intense rim job and hole-stretching toy play before giving him the fuck of his life and a huge load in his mouth. Join the men in the epic finale of ‘Skuff: Rough Trade, Part 2' that will leave you dripping sweat and oozing loads of warm cum.

JC Adams