WIA Profile: Alice Beckett

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What is your role and responsibility at Spartacus?

I start every day by reading the industry sites.

I'm the S&M coordinator — sales and marketing, naturally — which means I help orchestrate projects in direct marketing, website marketing, advertising and sales. On top of that, I'm the staff writer. About half my time goes to press releases, publications and copy. When I'm not researching, writing text, summarizing progress or coordinating projects, I go to tradeshows and wring feedback out of our customers.

What are your goals for Spartacus in 2008?

It would be great if we could increase the breadth and depth of our educational offerings. BDSM is a growing sector, and as a major manufacturer, Spartacus can help with the learning curve at many levels. In the coming year, we will increase our efforts in salesperson training, and offer more free information about BDSM. When any retail clerk or customer can vividly imagine what's sexy about a quality leather gag or whip, that will be progress.

Describe a typical Monday at your desk.

I start every day by reading the industry sites. Then I work on my current projects. If the graphic designer and web designer have passed me any copy specs, I write the text. If there's a product launch or promotion in the works, I publicize it. At the end of the day, if there's a scrap of free time left, I brainstorm new ideas to raise awareness of Spartacus and its products.

What is the biggest challenge of being a woman in the adult entertainment industry?

The biggest challenge in novelty marketing is to hear someone say, "Women are psychologically wired this way, and men that way." "Men want X and women want Y." That kind of divisive assumption needs reams of support, and more than just sales numbers, before being thrown around. It's frustrating when people don't acknowledge the difference between hunches and facts. As problems go, that's one that I hope will improve as awareness increases.

How do you maintain balance in your life?

By only working when I'm at work! I was a full-time student not very long ago, and aside from an increase in the sanity of my sleep schedule, not much has changed for me. I still save time for friends, family, my relationship, travel, exercise and volunteer work. Not to mention a huge pile of books. It also helps that Portland is full of good beer.


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