Adult Retail Lessons From the 'Rose' Social Media Craze

Adult Retail Lessons From the 'Rose' Social Media Craze

If you didn’t already believe TikTok and other social media could play a huge part in the adult retail business, the rose-shaped stimulator probably changed your mind. It started with influencers posting TikTok videos demonstrating the features and benefits of the product, making it irresistible to consumers. It was also touted on major mainstream social media accounts where you might not have anticipated seeing adult products. The Rose began popping up on feeds everywhere, across all platforms. The world quickly caught on and before we knew it, the toy was creating a frenzy both in stores and online.

Inventory supply chains have since leveled out, so access to the Rose is no longer the challenge it once was. This gives us a chance to take a step back and look at what the Rose has really taught us.

Sometimes a sensation like the Rose comes along and gives you the opportunity to get involved in a viral trend and compete in markets you don’t normally see sales in.

The age range of adult retail shoppers is diverse.

Yes, we know that there are shoppers of all ages, but historically we have tended to forget about the 18-28 demographic — as well as older consumers, even though they typically have the most disposable income. Both groups contributed greatly to overall sales of this particular toy. Sometimes a sensation like the Rose comes along and gives you the opportunity to get involved in a viral trend and compete in markets you don’t normally participate in or see sales in. Everybody, regardless of age or income, wants what’s popular and trending. This underlines the importance of marketing yourself as a reliable source for a broad range of products.

Cute matters.

Often, we get caught up in the function of things and forget that people also fall in love with the way things look. The Rose is fun to look at, and not a big deal to leave lying around where others can see it. Most people probably won’t even realize it’s a pleasure product, and those who do won’t shy away like they might if it were a dildo or larger vibrator. This is something that the Rose has going for it: the toy owner doesn’t mind if this toy gets seen, and people are thrilled that the Rose can pass as décor.

Sourcing relationships are important.

You may not buy from a distributor all the time, but when you need a hard-to-find item, those relationships can be very useful. Tend to your relationships even when you aren’t actively purchasing, since you never know which distributors will be able to help you later. 

In addition to riding the wave of viral products, retailers should take advantage of pictures and videos that manufacturers and distributors can provide for use on social media. Maintaining social media accounts requires a little time each day, but the payoff can be invaluable. Take advantage of available content being shared online. There are inexpensive or free apps you can download that make it easy to re-post on your own social media account and also gives credit to the content's original poster. Finally, if all else fails, ask for help! A lot of companies have graphic design teams available that can make you a custom Rose graphic to share, and incorporating your branding on a viral sensation can do a lot to build your reputation with new and repeat customers.

What’s next for the Rose? The latest version making the rounds on social media is a thrusting vibe combo, a two-for-one toy that will be hard to beat in terms of beauty and functionality. Whether or not you choose to participate in the next wave of this particular trend, the Rose vibe has clearly challenged us to learn and grow and expand our outlook, which is always important for any business in any industry.

Danielle Seerley is the director of sales for Thank Me Now. Visit her blog at AmericasSexToySweetheart.com.


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