Remote-Control Toys: Past, Present and Future

Remote-Control Toys: Past, Present and Future

Technologically speaking, the sex toys of 2020 are bringing more to the table than ever before. It seems every time we turn around there is a new cool feature available. With all these bells, whistles and enhancements, some features stand apart from all the others because they literally change the way we engage with, experience and enjoy the toy. One of the biggest game-changers in recent sex toy history is the remote control.

Remote-control toys have changed the face of solo and partnered play and introduced the world to entirely new ways to engage sexually. Today we’re going to take a look how these once-low-tech toys have advanced to become the fun, erotic connection tools they are today.

What’s so great about remote-control toys?

We’re talking about vibrators that are equipped with a remote control and operated without having to come in contact with the toy itself. One may opt to use a remote-control toy during solo play because it offers the ability to change settings without interrupting playtime, especially when the product is difficult to grab hold of or is located in an orifice that’s just out of reach.

What really puts remote-control toys on the map is their ability to let partners control each other’s toys. This is where it gets fun!

The evolution of the remote-control toys

The earliest remote-control toys were corded with a wire running from the controller to the vibrator. As technology evolved, newer remote-control toys brought us separate, battery-powered remote controls without wires, which allowed another partner to easily toggle through speeds and functions. Now, remote controllers are rechargeable with many even equipped with a vibrating motor, making the remote a toy unto itself.

How remote-control toys can up your sex game

1. So easy to use! Let’s be honest, there are some toys that — love them though we may — get complicated to control during use. Remote controls allow users to place their toy and then control it without having to reach down or fiddle around for it. This has been a game changer for anal toys but also allows for a hand-free experience with toys or a mess-free, uninterrupted intercourse experience with a strapless strap-on.

2. Take them to the limit! Uncorded remote-control toys transformed couples play by creating the opportunity for one partner to control the other’s stimulation. For many this has allowed for some super-sexy power dynamic play where the partner “in charge” controls the remote and their partner’s pleasure experience. Uncorded remote-control toys let users tease, tantalize, and even torment their partner.

3. Stay connected! As remote-control toys have evolved, so has the capability to control them from further and further distances. These days there are toys that allow users to control a toy from across the room, or, in the case of app-based controls, across the country allowing for long-distance play.

4. Keep it discreet! Want to discreetly play in public? Remote controls can make it happen! Panty vibes and butt plugs alike allow users to engage in inconspicuous play time anywhere — both solo or with a partner!

Put the right remote in your customers’ hands

With all of these fantastic options, how do you help your customers find exactly what they are looking for? The answer is to ask a few key questions to help them zero in on the remote-operated pleasure product that best fits their needs and budget:

1. What type of toy? Clitoral vibe, anal plug, vibrator, prostate stimulator, or something else? There’s more than one way to enjoy remote pleasure!

2. How do they want to use it? Are they using it on their own or do they have a partner? If with a partner, will they be right next to each other? Or playing from across the room – or across the country? And don’t forget to remind them of all the fun playing-in-public products that are out there!

3. How should it be powered? This mostly depends on budget! Corded remote-control products tend to be lower-priced so be sure to ask about price ranges. Battery-operated wireless remotes are the next level up and, if shoppers can afford them, rechargeable wireless remotes with a wide usage range will give them the most versatility of them all.

Remote controls have changed the sex toy game and with a little knowledge and patience you can help your shoppers use them to change their own personal sex game!

Rebecca Weinberg is the president of XR Brands.


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