How to Do Bodily Fluid Play the Safe Way

How to Do Bodily Fluid Play the Safe Way

You may think of bodily fluids as simple byproducts of sex but to those with bodily fluid fetishes, they’re much more than that. Whether or not this kind of play piques your interest, if you’re in the pleasure products industry, it’s important to know the ins-and-outs of this kind of play — including how to enjoy it safely. Why? Because folks that engage in it often seek out tools that help enhance and heighten the eroticism of this particular fetish, possibly in ways that you, your staff, or even your customers may not know about.

What is Bodily Fluid Play?

To most people, the term “fluid bonded” pertains to having unprotected sex with a partner. With these arrangements, both partners agree not to have condomless/non-barriered (aka bareback) sex with anyone else.

To most people, the term “fluid bonded” pertains to having unprotected sex with a partner. With these arrangements, both partners agree not to have condomless/non-barriered (aka bareback) sex with anyone else. To those with bodily fluid fetishes, however, the term “fluid bonded” can have a much deeper meaning. The act of worshiping, receiving, or consuming fluid from a partner’s body is the ultimate bonding experience; it’s intimate, profound, and to some even spiritual. Fluid fetishes can also manifest in a different way. Some indulge in bodily fluid exchange as an act of humiliation, ownership, or experimentation with disgust and taboo.

With this kind of play, bodily fluids aren’t limited to genital secretions. People eroticize semen, urine, vaginal ejaculate, saliva, menstrual blood, lactation, tears, even vomit. The most common of these fetishes usually deal with semen, urine or vaginal fluids.

Staying Safe

The most important thing to know about bodily fluids is which ones transmit sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and which ones don’t. Bacterial and viral STIs — gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia; HPV, HIV, herpes — can be transmitted through the following bodily fluids: pre-cum, semen, vaginal fluids and blood. HIV can also be transmitted through breast milk. In order to engage in safe bodily fluid play, it’s essential that all partners involved get tested for STIs and share results with one another.


Let’s start with semen. Think of most porn movies you’ve seen: there’s almost always a money shot, and for good reason. Cum fetishes are exceptionally common both for givers and receivers. Enjoying ejaculating all over the face, breasts, ass, or genitals of a lover is so commonplace it’s often regarded as the norm. Craving the taste, smell and texture of a lover’s juices in your mouth and on your body is, too.

This tactile experience is so prevalent, lube that mimics cum is a popular seller. Jizz Water-Based Cum-Scented Lube is the ultimate for those who hunger for the white creamy stuff but might not have access (or safe access) to the real thing. This unique water-based lubricant looks, feels and smells like ejaculate, and just the sight of rubbing it on you or your partner’s naughty bits can be enough to push some over the edge. It’s also great for those who use barriers, like condoms, for sex. With Jizz lube, safer sex practices don’t have to prevent you from indulging in this erotic act. Jizz Cum Scented Desensitizing Lube is also available for those who need additional comfort with the kind of play they’re engaging in. For those who fantasize about receiving one big load after the other, using what nature gave them only goes so far. For super-human action, the Realistic Ejaculating Penis Enlargement Sheath can help make this wild fantasy a reality — this ejaculating penis sheath offers extra girth and length and can ejaculate over and over without taking a break. It holds 60mL of almost any lube or liquid of choice and shoots easily with a squeeze of the hand pump. Jizz Cum Scented Lube is a natural choice for the most realistic feel.

Many find vaginal ejaculate and secretions incredibly arousing, as well. Just the distinct smell alone is enough to get some people’s engines revving. While cum-scented lube has been on the market for a while, there hasn’t been a pussy lover’s equivalent available until recently. Pussy Juice Vaginal Scented Lube mimics the smell of juicy, wet vulva and is activated with friction and warmth. Out of the bottle, it doesn’t smell like much but as soon as it’s rubbed onto skin, the scent molecules are triggered into action. This makes it an ideal lube to have out on your sample counter – customers are often delighted by the novelty of this innovative lubricant.


Urophilia is much more common that most people think. This may include golden showers (the act of urinating on someone) or even drinking it. Also known as piss play, it is often used in BDSM Dominant/submissive relationships. In kink, piss play can signify ownership, be used as a humiliating act, or simply be a strong desire of either partner to experience on the receiving end. Some people get off on being turned into human toilets or receiving urine enemas. The Latrine Extreme Funnel Gag is ideal for transforming a willing sub into a receptacle for this kind of bodily fluid. This gag affixes tightly to the wearer’s face and sports a large funnel, which operates like a wearable beer bong funnel — but much more erotically sinister! This gag won’t let a drop escape, so users can be sure their human urinal consumes it all.

Part of what makes bodily fluid play so hot is the fact that it’s often considered forbidden. People tend to eroticize the taboo element — especially because traditional polite company would consider it “disgusting.” For this reason, those curious about taboo play may be apprehensive to inquire about complementary products and they may not even know bodily fluid fetish products exist at all. Making these items available to your customers while displaying knowledge and acceptance about this kind of play goes a long way. Not only may you make a sale, you very well may cultivate a trusting relationship that delivers years of repeat business.

Rebecca Weinberg is the general manager of XR Brands, which specializes in fetish and BDSM with fullspectrum product development and design to create a series of fully merchandised collections dedicated to the lifestyle.

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