Playing Doctor: Medical Play for All Experience Levels

Playing Doctor: Medical Play for All Experience Levels

Have you ever played doctor? Most of us have at one point or another. Maybe it was decades ago as an innocent childhood game or it was last weekend when your Bumble date took a naughty, playful spin. Playing doctor is one of the most common sexual roleplays, and for good reason: It naturally lends itself to dominant/submissive power exchange. Medical roleplay also allows for an infinite amount of exploration and creativity; the desire to be examined and cared for is common, as is the curiosity that drives exploration. Medical play is also perfect for people of all experience levels, and couples new to roleplay can find it just as satisfying as hardcore medical fetishists.

Medical scenes can be adapted to nearly any scenario, and you can recommend sex toys that may or may not have an obvious medical aesthetic. With so many possibilities at shoppers’ fingertips, it may be difficult for them to zero in on what they want to try first or next; play can range from a simple examination to full-on gyno fetish, enema play, electrosex and more. So be sure to keep an open mind when recommending products and get creative with ideas.

The main part of a medical scene is usually the examination. While we can do a lot with our hands, simple medical tools can kick the exam into high gear.

This type of roleplay is also perfectly suited for BDSM; by default, the doctor/patient relationship incorporates dominance and submission. It also often contains a good dose of humiliation, bondage, pain, sensory deprivation, or fear. When in doubt, take shoppers to your store’s BDSM section and start exploring.

Open Up and Say ‘Ahhhh’

The main part of a medical scene is usually the examination. While we can do a lot with our hands, simple medical tools can kick the exam into high gear. Using a Stainless Steel Speculum or Anal Hole Spreader from Kink Industries, or Petal Pusher Silicone Labia Spreader from Frisky, on a willing patient is a wonderful place to start. These kinds of items increase feelings of vulnerability and submission in an instant. They also leave the subject feeling wide open both literally and metaphorically. These tools also expose sensitive areas for the next step in the exam — therapeutic, orgasmic treatment.

The eroticism of medical play is often associated with the accessories found in medical settings. For this reason, hospital-themed bondage gear can really add to a scene and we recommend Strict Leather for shoppers looking for the highest-quality items. The look of Strict Leather Padded Hospital Style Restraints with their brown straps and hospital-white padding can put a patient into the right headspace upon sight. For more extreme scenes, a hood or a full straight jacket does the trick.

A number of common BDSM toys were adapted from real clinical tools, making them ideal for examination scenes and no-brainer recommendations to curious shoppers. The Cheek Retractor Dental Mouth Gag from Master Series is similar to retractors found in dental offices; it holds the patient’s mouth open and ready for probing. There’s also the Wartenberg pinwheel, a tool originally developed by neurologist Dr. Wartenberg to gauge nerve reactions. In medical play “exams,” users can roll the wheel sensually over the inner thigh, stomach, nipples or anywhere they wish to “test.”

Kicking It Up a Notch With General BDSM Items

Electrosex toys are a natural fit for medical play. The Electric Wartenberg Wheel Estim Kit from Zeus. Electrosex is an all-in-one unit that can up the pinwheel game. Rather than only having to worry about the pokes from the wheel, the patient now must contend with sensual shocks and zaps, too. Similarly, the Conductor Electro Conductive Estim Gloves can make a doctor’s innocent probing erotically exhilarating. For sadomasochistic play, crank up the juice to test patient endurance during medical experiments.

Breast exams lend themselves to sexy medical play. The Breast Cupping System from Size Matters is designed to engorge the breasts via a hand-pumped suction mechanism, which temporarily enlarges the breasts and increases their sensitivity. After pumping, users can “test” the nipples with a set of Bondage Ring Barrel Clamps from Master Series to gauge their patient’s response to the cupping “procedure.”

Although normally used for general play, the Silicone Open Flow Top Douche and Enema Bag from Clean Stream looks as if it came straight out of a doctor’s office. With this traditional enema bag look, users can incorporate enema play into any medical scene. Whether they’re using it to clean out their patient for some deep anal probing or as the main procedure, enema play is a natural choice.

When it comes down to it, almost any sex or BDSM toy can be adapted to medical play, so don’t be afraid to make a variety of recommendations from different sections of your store. A vibrator and set of wrist restraints may be all your customers need. Perhaps their patient is having trouble with reflexes – they may determine they need to be tied down and have the nerves in the most sensitive parts of their body massaged as a therapeutic measure. Or maybe they’re overdue for their routine checkup and need every part of their body thoroughly probed and examined. What couples interested in this kind of roleplay need most when creating dynamic medical-themed sex scenes is a vivid imagination and the right tools. Sometimes one medical-themed piece is enough to inspire a creative roleplay. Before you know it, you may discover renewed purpose for some of the more classic vanilla products in your store!

Rebecca Weinberg is the general manager of XR Brands, which specializes in fetish and BDSM with full-spectrum product development and design to create a series of fully merchandised collections dedicated to the lifestyle.