The Lure of Big-Ticket Items During Couples’ Retail Season

The Lure of Big-Ticket Items During Couples’ Retail Season

St. Valentine’s Day is all about romance, sex and (obvs) sex toys, and it’s the ideal time of year for shoppers to consider big-ticket items and out-of-the-box products marketed for better, next-level sex. This is the perfect opportunity to display, cross-promote and be able to effectively communicate with customers about the benefits of these items and why they’d make the most special gift for their most special someone.

An easy no-brainer way to put together an impactful display is to pick a bigger-ticket item and match it with smaller, more accessible items that make perfect complements — both in a display and as a full-package purchase. And while some of us consider a big-ticket item to be something priced $150 or more, keep in mind that shoppers’ budgets run the gamut, so be sure to consider focal pieces at a range of price points.

An easy no-brainer way to put together an impactful display is to pick a bigger-ticket item and match it with smaller, more accessible items that make perfect complements — both in a display and as a full-package purchase.

Don’t Forget: Masturbation Toys Make Great Couples Toys!

We can’t repeat this enough: a “solo use” toy doesn’t have to be used solo; in fact, many masturbation products are even more fun with a partner, so don’t limit your suggestions based on whether a potential shopper is single or in a relationship. Just remember these quick tips:

• Never assume someone’s gender, sexual orientation, or relationship status. Wait for shoppers to communicate that to you during conversations, and if you’re not sure what they might be looking for (or whom they might be using the products with), just ask. It’s the best way to avoid missteps while helping shoppers feel heard and supported with good customer service.

• Lubrication is essential. Most sex toys need to be used with some kind of lube for maximum pleasure and comfort — especially anything for anal — and it’s important to use lube that’s compatible with the sex toys you’re suggesting. Stay away from oil-based lubes for most toys (or any sexual activity involving a condom!) and stick with either water-based, high-quality silicone based, or a hybrid.

• If your customer is looking for something to use with a partner, get creative with your suggestions. Once reserved for singletons, strokers and masturbators make for amazing partnered play and AMAZING upgraded handjobs, especially for partners who aren’t able to or feeling up for penetrative sex. Plus, using toys together is a great way to be intimate and connect with one another. These products can be used for all kinds of sexual activity, whether it’s for arousal or leading up to something penetrative, and be prepared to remind some shoppers that there’s so much more to sex than simply penetration with a penis.

• It’s easy for us to remember, but not always something that occurs to shoppers: sex toys must be cleaned after every use. Many toy materials are not made to last forever, but shoppers can extend their products’ lifespan with proper care. Go over care and cleaning specifics with customers, which can be a great opportunity to upsell toy cleaners. (Just make sure they’re triclosan-free!)

At SexToyDistributing.com, there are three popular products that do well this time of year: the Tenga Flip Zero, the Inmi Come Hither Dual Stimulation Flexing Vibrator and the Milker Automatic Deluxe Stroker Machine.

Tenga Flip Zero

This is one of the best-selling and most-used penis masturbators in the world. It is made of a hard-plastic case with soft, phthalate free, TPE sleeve on the inside. The inner tunnel is enhanced with bumps and knobs that hit all sides of the penis and is able to stimulate pleasure receptors in a way other masturbators can’t.

There are a few other considerations to account for with penis masturbators like these. Lube is essential for a successful experience and water-based works best, plus it keeps the material in the best condition possible. The thicker the water-based lube, the better, and TENGA makes its own TENGA Hole Lotion meant to be used with these products. After use, the stroker sleeves must be washed thoroughly with liquid soap and water and must dry completely before being put away. Many brands offer a stroker renewal powder, so don’t forget to suggest it as an add-on for shoppers’ new strokers.

Inmi Come Hither Dual Stimulation Flexing Vibrator

This silicone rabbit vibe offers a “come hither” G-spot motion automatically. It flicks and pulses the G-spot while vibrating against the clitoris at the same time, and users have multiple pulse and speed controls to customize the intensity without skipping a beat.

The Milker Automatic Deluxe Stroker Machine

The Milker offers the sensation of slow sucking/stroking and features both a long and short cylinder to accommodate penises of varying sizes, as well as nipples, clitoris, labia, and almost any other erogenous zone that can be stimulated by suction.

Remember, this Valentine’s Day customers are looking for items to make a big splash with their significant others. Items they buy will likely be used together on that special day, so be sure that staff is prepared well before the shopping rush begins. Decide which higher-ticket items you’ll focus on and pre-plan ideal upsells so there’s no delay when discussing options with shoppers. You can better your chances of a successful romantic sales season not only by having in-demand items in stock, but also assuring your sales staff feels confident and prepared to make suggestions. Helping shoppers made a big splash on the most romantic day of the year will turn them into loyal, repeat buyers.