Reid Mihalko and Other Top Sexperts to Share Expertise at Sex Expo NY

Reid Mihalko and Other Top Sexperts to Share Expertise at Sex Expo NY

Sex Expo is known for featuring some of the top sexperts at its New York City and Los Angeles shows — and Sex Expo New York 2017, presented by Chaturbate and set for Sept. 23-24 at the Brooklyn Expo Center, will be no different. With the national adult retail chain The Pleasure Chest serving as official sex education sponsor, Sex Expo NY will boast a lineup of speakers that includes Reid Mihalko, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Ducky Doolittle, Midori and other major sexperts.

Mihalko, who has lectured on many college campuses and spoken at numerous adult industry events, will return to Sex Expo as emcee for this year’s East Coast show. In addition to hosting social activities and conducting live interviews, Mihalko will hold a workshop on three-way sex.

I love the Sex Expo NY event because it’s a sex geek’s dream three-way: the perfect combo of education, titillation and sexual wellness. Especially in the birthplace of ‘Sex and the City,’ you have to give New Yorkers something fresh, dynamic and new — and Sex Expo NY keeps things hot and explicit by giving everyone a no-holds-barred dose of brain sex on how to be kick-ass in bed while improving your health and wellness.

“I’m excited to be teaching my most popular class, ‘Negotiating Successful Threesomes’ — a class that has helped thousands of adults realize their fantasies and not only initiate a menage-a-trois, but also, get invited back to do it again,” Mihalko told XBIZ. “And I’m proud to say that a few people who’ve taken the workshop have even emailed me to say they got thank-you cards from the people they’ve had a threesome with. The menage went so well! I think, in this day and age of electronic communication, to get a handwritten thank-you for having group sex with someone is a testament to how powerfully a little sex-geeky know-how can impact someone’s experience.”

Midori, known for her BDSM expertise, will address bondage techniques in her workshop “Wrapped for Pleasure: Scarf Bound.” Doolittle’s workshop “The Art of the Female Orgasm” will delve into ways in which women can increase their sexual pleasure, while Laura Delarato’s “Big, Fat, Hot Sex” will explore sexual possibilities for full-figured men and women. And anal pleasure will be the focus of Denise Pearson’s workshop, “Booty Play Basics.”

Bussel, a widely published sex writer who has edited more than 60 anthologies, will offer a workshop on erotic writing.

“What I’ve found — especially in the last few years in the wake of the massive success of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ — is that men and women are looking for outlets for their sexual fantasies and storytelling, but don’t always know how to harness that into publishable form,” Bussel told XBIZ. “In my workshops, there are no right or wrong answers, but rather, I give students space to explore their creativity and look at the world through an erotic lens.”

Bussel continued, “What I hope people walk away with from my Sex Expo workshop — where we will be going through a range of writing exercises — is the desire to keep writing, whether it’s steamy letters to a lover or stories from the perspective of a bold and daring alter ego, or simply an eroticized version of their sexy Saturday night. No prior writing experience is necessary. I want them to be fired up about using words in sensual ways and thinking about all the things that turn us on.”

Brooke Christian, founder of and a self-described “sexpert for busy moms,” will be hosting the workshop “How to Make Vanilla Sex Hotter in Five Simple Steps.” Christian describes Flirty Girl as “a female-focused sexual empowerment platform that’s dedicated to helping women lead flirtier, sexier lives inside and outside the bedroom.”

“Over the years, I’ve become the sexpert for the mommy set,” Christian told XBIZ. “I tackle how to sex it up easily and quickly, how to balance motherhood and your innate sexual desires. And most importantly, I offer solutions on how to have amazingly hot sex no matter how much — or how little — time one has. Plus, I’m a huge advocate for giving women permission to be both mothers and kinky sexual beings. And I lead by example: I’m a crazed mom of two, but I also love being naughty. The two can live together in one body.”

Stephanie Berman, CEO of Berman Innovations and inventor of the innovative sex toy The Semenette, will be hosting the workshop “Making Love and Making Babies.”

“My workshop will be focused on family planning and sex: pre-, during, and post-conception,” Berman told XBIZ. “So often, couples get lost in the emotional rollercoaster of trying to conceive, and as a result, sex can often become regimented, routine and scheduled — and for conception purposes only. It takes all the fun out of the (trying-to-conceive) process. I will be offering information and strategies to deal with restoring fun to the conception process as well as discussing conception options for LGBTQ+ couples.”

Berman continued, “Additionally, as a business owner and mother of two children, I know first-hand what it is like to juggle work and personal life, and trying to find the balance between them — all while keeping the spark in your relationship alive. I’ll be talking about sex after having children and how challenging it can be to find time for sex and connection with your partner — something so common in relationships, and yet, so often overlooked.”

Taylor Sparks will be making her Sex Expo NY debut with the workshop “How to Make Good Pussy Better,” which will reflect her background in organic pleasure products. Sparks, founder of, has developed and marketed a line of organic skin care products.

“[‘How to Make Good Pussy Better’] is a fun, hands-on, bodies-on and informative seminar that covers the dangers of conventional condoms, lubricants and non-medical-grade sex toys — (and) learning how sex can be safer and more fun using vegan and organic brands as well as what ingredients should never, ever enter the precious petals,” Taylor told XBIZ. “I up the fun with a live demo of our top-selling Liberator sex pillows and shapes. I will show how to take your sex life to new depths with angles that make sex more comfortable for one, twosomes or threesomes or moresomes at a time.”

Walker Thornton’s workshop “Sex After 50: Yes, Yes, Yes!” will draw on her area of expertise: sexual knowledge and empowerment for people 50 and over.

“My talk, ‘Sex After 50? Yes Yes Yes!,’ is designed to help individuals look at the range of sexual experiences available as we age,” Thornton told XBIZ. “I’ll be talking about ways to redefine pleasure and the ways we seek satisfaction. Sex after 50 can be less focused on achieving a specific goal and more focused on an intimate connection as an erotic experience with no beginning or ending point.”

Other subjects that will be explored at Sex Expo NY 2017 workshops include spanking in Nico & Corynne’s “Spank Someone Happy,” oral sex in Brandon B.’s “Blowjobs and Beyond” and enhancing orgasms in Ryan’s “OMG Spot.”

“I love the Sex Expo NY event because it’s a sex geek’s dream three-way: the perfect combo of education, titillation and sexual wellness,” Mihalko asserted. “Especially in the birthplace of ‘Sex and the City,’ you have to give New Yorkers something fresh, dynamic and new — and Sex Expo NY keeps things hot and explicit by giving everyone a no-holds-barred dose of brain sex on how to be kick-ass in bed while improving your health and wellness.”

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