Rediscovering the G-Spot: A Crash Course on Stimulation, Toys

Rediscovering the G-Spot: A Crash Course on Stimulation, Toys

The G-spot can sometimes cause more confusion than pleasure; this seemingly elusive erogenous zone is the subject of ongoing debate among myriad magazines and news sites — some claim it’s the secret to eternal sexual satisfaction while others still deny its existence. And scientific studies on the subject are just as contradictory. So what’s the truth about G-spots and how can people get the most pleasure out if it? And, most importantly, what’s the best way to have an educated conversation with curious shoppers that explains proper technique while meeting them where they’re at?

Let’s take a crash course on what (and where) the G-spot actually is, and how we can intensify G-spot stimulation for those of us who are ready for something a little “extra.”

One key piece of information to consider is that, without proper arousal, the G-spot can often be difficult to feel and detect.

What is the G-spot?

Named after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, the G-spot is a mass of erectile tissue located one to three inches inside the upper wall of the vagina (toward the belly). Experts theorize the G-spot’s function is similar to the prostate and it is also sometimes referred to as the urethral sponge. Arousal causes this tissue to swell and become more prominent; to the touch, it feels like a hard lump with ridges on it — almost like a walnut. When this area is stimulated, it can inspire orgasm and even female ejaculation, but what happens varies greatly depending on the person. (We’re all unique snowflakes, right?)

Does every vagina have a G-spot?

The evidence we do have indicates that most, if not all, people with vaginas have a G-spot. This does not mean it’s easy to find, however. Confusing and conflicting information lead many to believe they don’t have one.

One key piece of information to consider is that, without proper arousal, the G-spot can often be difficult to feel and detect. It’s also important to remember that not everyone with a G-spot ENJOYS having the G-spot played with — or even touched. So much marketing and media rhetoric tells us that once we do find the G-spot, an explosive experience is imminent, which sends our expectation (and excitement) levels through the roof. With such high hopes, it’s no wonder so many people incorrectly assume that, because fireworks didn’t spark or they didn’t squirt across the room, they must not have found their G-spot — and they MUST keep searching.

What is the right way to stimulate the G-spot?

The best way to find and stimulate the G-spot is to enter the vagina with two fingers making a “come hither” motion. A common misstep is doing this too gently.

Although everyone is different, most people with G-spots prefer vigorous and/or firm pressure against the area – with even more applied as arousal builds.

And while digital stimulation is nice, it’s not always practical. The amount of pressure, strength and endurance it requires can be hard on the hands and wrists — and that’s where sex toys can become an invaluable resource.

What are the most effective G-spot toys?

Stationary Toys

Non-vibrating sex toys made from rigid, non-porous materials are popular for G-spot stimulation. Metal and glass toys are firm and heavy, which aids in proper stimulation by giving the G-spot the force that it needs, and they’re also perfectly suited for temperature play. Cool them down in the refrigerator or warm them up in a bowl of hot water for some extra-sensory fun.

One of the most popular tools for G-spot stimulation is the Curvy Steel Dildo by Master Series. In general, curved toys with bulbous heads are best, regardless of the material they’re made from. The balled ends are ideal for applying steady, consistent pressure on the G-spot, and this design features two bulbous heads of different sizes: one is larger than the other, which gives users the choice to start small and, if desired, up the ante with the larger end. As an added bonus, this toy is also great for prostate stimulation. Glass options like the Hamsa Glass Dildo by Prisms are equally as effective.

Master Series’ Stainless Steel Lollipop also sports a circular head that the G-spot loves but in a much different shape. This toy has a long, straight handle, making it a great choice for solo play or those that need extra reach, and its length allows even deeper access to other erogenous zones in the vagina. The anterior and posterior fornix (sometimes called “deep spots”) are pleasure centers that many people with vaginas enjoy stimulated; these spots are located deep inside the vagina on the anterior and posterior walls and, for some people, stimulation on these spots can feel more pleasurable than G-spot play

Experienced G-spotters that prefer girth may opt for oversized toys. The Steel Elegance Dual Dildo by Master Series has two differently sized ends to choose from and can be used for either G-spot or prostate play. Fisting aficionados also will love the eight-pound, stainless steel Governor Steel Fist Plug for next-level play.

Vibrating Toys

Every person’s body is different. Differences in pleasure can be challenging for those new to G-spot play, so how can someone know what kind of G-spot stimulator will work best if they’ve never tried before? In these cases, a dual-stimulator like Come Hither by Inmi is a great recommendation because of its automated “come hither” motion, which requires little effort other than pushing a button. This design can be used vibrating or stationary and features adjustable power options so that users can customize how Come Hither stimulates their bodies. Activating the different motors and holding the toy in various positions gives it versatility and makes Come Hither a smart option for first-timers.

Wand attachments are another smart suggestion for shoppers looking to explore G-spot play. The Pleasure Pointer Two Finger Wand Attachment by Wand Essentials mimics the “come hither” motion while dispersing powerful wand-level vibration throughout the attachment. The Wand Essentials 3Teez Wand Attachment offers triple stimulation thanks to a separate G-spot extension, anal probe and clitoral stimulator.

In general, tools that offer the most G-spot pleasure are made from rigid material and have a pronounced upward curve. Point your customers toward these types of designs, but also care to remind them that it’s OK not to master the G-spot on the first (or even fifth) try. The goal is to explore and have fun while doing it — even if G-spot exploration doesn’t lead them to the sexual holy grail, it will still be an exciting journey shared by everyone involved.


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