Dollar Gold Cup

Kheper Games
Dollar Gold Cup
When you want to show off your riches along with that pricey drink you have a straw stabbed into, now’s the time to crack out this flaunty golden cup to impress your friends and those other single people at the bar. Perfect to celebrate getting a raise or a new job with better pay, this funny beverage container holds 16 oz. of your favorite imbibement, with plenty of room for a few ice cubes, too! You won’t want to change anything about this kooky cup!

Manufacturer Description:

Metallic Gold Dollar Sign Cup from Kheper Games. Gold $ Cup holds +20 ounces. Put your money where your mouth is while you bring your bling to the party. This brilliant, shiny gold dollar sign shaped cup will make you the life of any type of party you go to. Fun and flashy and a great accessory for a night out on the town. Holds 20 ounces

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