Rainbow Pride Edible Pasty - Mixed Berry

Kheper Games
Rainbow Pride Edible Pasty - Mixed Berry
The edible pasty is good for adding a little flavor to foreplay. This product features a rainbow of colors, which will be easy to spot in dimly lit rooms. You can cut the strip into any size or shape for your needs. This package offered enough edible pasty to cover two nipples. You could probably use it in a small area of the buttocks or genital area, depending on what you're doing. If you want to get creative, you can cut the product into small pieces and create a trail for your partner to lick all along the way. The mixed berry flavor is not very potent; there isn't a particular flavor that stands out. I think making this product edible helps enhance foreplay without an overbearing flavor that may not be a crowd favorite.

Manufacturer Description:

Jazz up your pride and LGBTQ+ bachelor / bachelorette parties with this mouth-watering suggestive body pasty. Anyone can show their pride as these can go on your face, near your navel or closer to where you might want your lover to lick. Just moisten it’s back and apply. Comes in a delicious mixed fruit flavor.

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