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Kheper Releases New 'D*ck! C*nt! Assh*le!' Party Game

Kheper Games has released the new party game D*ck! C*nt! Assh*le!

Kheper Games Releases 2 New Card Games

Kheper Games has released two new games: Cocktail Themed Playing Cards and Sex Toy Themed Playing Cards.

Kheper Games Now Shipping 13 New Products

Kheper Games is now shipping 13 new products that debuted at the ANME show this month.

Kheper Releases '40 Reasons to Have Sex,' '40 Reasons to Party' Games

Kheper Games, Inc. is debuting two new adult games: “40 Reasons to Party” and “40 Reasons to Have Sex.”

Kheper Releases 'Banana Cup,' 'Love Your Pussy' Candy Dish

Kheper has debuted new party supplies with the introduction of a new Banana Cup and Love Your Pussy Candy Dish.

Kheper Games Launches Ski Shot Set

Kheper Games has launched a Ski Shot set, which includes four shot glasses on a plastic ski.

Kheper Games Launches New Drinking Game

Kheper Games has released its latest drinking game, Who is the Biggest Dick, expanding company's Who Is the Biggest… line.

Playharda Wholesale to Distribute Kheper Games in U.K.

Playharda Wholesale will distribute over 20 items from Kheper Games in the U.K.

Kheper Games Releases 'Let's Get Slutty,' Metallic 'Sex' Dice Games

Kheper Games has released the Let’s Get Slutty! game, and a metallic version of its Sex! adult dice.

Kheper Partners With Warm Human to Debut New Line at ANME

Kheper Games has partnered with gift and home decor brand Warm Human to launch a new product line at ANME.

Kheper Debuts 'Googly Eye' Pasties

Kheper Games has unveiled new glow-in-the-dark Googly Eye Pasties.

Kheper Adds 'Pink Syringe Shooter Set' to Barware Line

Kheper Games has expanded its barware line with its new Pink Syringe Shooter Set.

Kheper Games Debuts New Pride Pasties

Kheper Games has expanded its line of edible pasties with the new Pride Pasties.

Kheper to Debut French, German Editions of 'A Year of Sex!' Game

Kheper Games will be releasing the French and German versions of its “A Year of Sex!” card game — “Une Année De Sexe!” and “En Jahr Voller Sex!”

Kheper Games Releases New 'More Drink If...' Game

Kheper Games has released its newest drinking game, “More Drink if…”

Kheper Unveils New 'Tits for Tat' Couples Game

Kheper Games has released Tits for Tat, a foreplay game that leads to an agreed-upon sexual scenario that a couple can act out together.

Kheper Now Offering 'Glow-in-the-Dark Sex!' Card Game

Kheper Games has released the glow-in-the-dark edition of its Sex! adult card game.

Kheper Games Debuts 'Rose Petal Sexy Surprises' for Valentine's Day

Kheper Games has added a new item to its line of romantic accessories: Rose Petal Sexy Surprises, a set that includes 100-plus rose petals and a white pencil for writing messages on them.

Kheper Games Unveils 'Sexy Slut Says...' Adult Card Game

Kheper Games has introduced its new adult card game, “Sexy Slut Says...”

Kheper Games Launches 'Extreme Personal Questions for Lovers'

Kheper Games has launched new romance game “Extreme Personal Questions for Lovers.”