40 Reasons to Have Sex

Kheper Games
40 Reasons to Have Sex
Tired of coming up with reasons to just do the regular “ins and outs”? Fear no more! Here’s a set of 40 clever action ideas, commands and the positions to accompany each and every one. Slip a card into your lover’s lunchbox or let one peek out from under the keyboard at the home office to spark a flicker for later on, the follow-through of desire and lust. Or play "pick a card, any card” and then let the lust begin! These cards can keep the guesswork out of figuring out who’s on top.

Manufacturer Description:

Spark nights of sexy, wild fun with this set of lighthearted his & hers sex position cards! If you want to try something new and naughty with your playmate, just pick a card. In this set of 40 illustrated cards, each comes with a sexual position and a humorous reason you should have sex. Like ‘You’re tired of feeling down, and would rather be tied up.’ Or ‘Because your doctor says you are not getting enough “Vitamin D”!’ Adventurous couples can draw randomly, or find your favorites and do those first. Makes a great adult gift.

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