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Glow In the Dark Oral Sex Dice - Kheper Games
It was a dark and stormy winter night when the lights went out and you and your partner were feeling horny. Instead of fumbling around in the darkness, trying to figure out what you want to do, you reach for the Glow In the Dark Oral Sex Dice and decide to give them a toss. I mean, they’ve been getting charged up in the package under your nightstand light, so they are so ready to provide you with a good time. Roll the two pink ones for what and where and indulge in the position on the third die. The lights in your head will be firing off like the 4th of July, and you won’t have to think about darkness anymore.

Manufacturer Description:

Glow In The Dark Sex Dice from Kheper Games. Add some night time naughtiness to your sex life. A seductive game designed specifically for couples to spice up their sex life. Players take turns rolling the dice and then act out the action given. The glow in the dark dice enhance the racy feelings players will experience as you frolic in the dark. The game includes 1 Pink Sex Position Die, 1 Blue Sex Position Die, and 1 Die which shows who chooses what position as well as how many minutes each act is carried out for.

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