Popping Dick Sucker

Kheper Games
Popping Dick Sucker

This product is just delightful. Popping candy on its own is amazingly delicious and brings a smile to your face no matter what. Make that smile even bigger with this item and all its glory. First you get a cute little coconut flavored dick sucker that is delicious. Next, dunk that baby into your pineapple popping candy and taste the sweetness! The combo of flavors reminds you of drinking a piña colada on the beach. Once that popping starts you are sure to be smiling and we could all sure use more smiles right now.

Manufacturer Description:

The yummy Pina Colada-flavored dick sucker that explodes in your mouth! Bust a nut by dipping your coconut sucker into pineapple flavored popping candy. The yummy cocktail flavor combines while your dick sucker is popping one off in your mouth. Great for adult stocking stuffers, bride-to-be & pride parties, or fun just for one!

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