Santa’s Secret Sex Positions

Kheper Games
Santa’s Secret Sex Positions

Need something to help spice up the lovemaking or add a little fun and challenge to your naked time? This fun coupon book for the holiday is a naughty present to give your lover. You get 20 coupons of exciting new positions to try out and master. Who knows, you may find your new favorite thing — from the classic position “Carol on his balls” to the fan-favorite “Hung stocking,” this game offers never-ending fun! I do recommend stretching before — it’s always good to do before a workout.

Manufacturer Description:

Each coupon offers a unique Kama Sutra sexual position that is great for spicing up your holidays with your lover. Includes 20 coupons with humorous position names, such as "Carol on His Balls" and "A Way in Her Manger".

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