What If…?

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What If…?

I’ve always wondered, “What if…” and then think of pretty ridiculous things and now there’s finally 200 cards with 400 scenarios that can give me naughty ideas to finish that sentence. What makes this fun is that I can play with several people to get a range of crazy answers, with the players giving a point to the most inappropriate answers. The best part is that I can also play this virtually during a Zoom party by holding up a card to a screen and then laughing hysterically without spewing my germs to my friend sitting next to me. Ooooh, now What if….?

Manufacturer Description:

The adult party game where you blurt out the most ridiculous answers you can come up with to crazy What If...? scenarios. One player reads a What If…? Scenario Card to two competing players. They try to quickly come up with inappropriate and hilarious answers. The group then awards a point to the best answer. For 3-20 Players. Includes: 400 What If…? Scenarios (200 Cards)

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