Edible Pasties Cinnamon

Kheper Games
Edible Pasties Cinnamon

Take a break from the spirit gum applied pasties and treat your nips to something delicious instead. Just lick and stick these simple-to-use tit teasers and let your partner nibble them into oblivion while you enjoy the yummy sensations. With a wide variety of flavors and themes, including holiday ones, you’ll be able to use them to spice up any evening. And if you happen to be older or have DD+ cups, you may be able to lick ‘em off yourself, too. Sure beats sucking down a pint of Häagen-Dazs and watching Netflix!

Manufacturer Description:

Edible body pasties made into fun shapes. Enjoy them as mouth-watering nipple treats. Choose from delicious fruit or other popular flavors.

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