Sex Fortune Cookie Bath Bombs

Kheper Games
Sex Fortune Cookie Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a lot of fun and make any bath more enjoyable. The bombs in this pack are shaped like fortune cookies. Toss one in your bath to reveal a fun surprise. Once dissolved, you will discover a waterproof naughty fortune with a sexy activity that you and your partner can do.

The set includes three delicious vanilla bombs and three strawberries-and-cream bombs. Each one smells amazing and even more fun to mix the two at one time. Each has its own unique fortune inside for you to follow. The fun never ends.

Manufacturer Description:

Each bomb holds a unique waterproof fortune activity that is guaranteed to spice up your love life. Dissolve a bomb in your warm tub to reveal sex fortunes such as You are the master of every situationin bed! (Be dominant) and Confucius sayyou should be having sex in the tub right now. The set include 3 vanilla scented bath bombs and 3 strawberries and cream bath bombs. Each with a unique sex fortune inside.

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