Tenga Iroha M&M

Tenga Iroha M&M

Product Description:

Tenga, known for their sleek modern design aesthetics, has created two ergonomic vibrators called the iroha Mikazuki and Minamo (M&M). Each pastel colored vibrator has a unique “soft touch” silicone covering that feels remarkably similar to a lover’s gentle caress. The flexible structure of the iroha M&M is designed to fit the natural contours of a woman and provides precise stimulation and pleasure to the erogenous zones. Engineered with "near-quiet" technology, the iroha M&M vibrators, are virtually silent when in use and are 100% waterproof. Plus, these mighty massagers offer a multitude of vibration strengths with just a simple touch of the two-button control panel. Each iroha M&M vibrator is sold separately, and each comes with its own fully functional all-in-one storage-case-charger.

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