Tenga Egg Snow Crystal

Tenga Egg Snow Crystal
Let me just say: I am a fan of Tenga Eggs, and the Snow Crystal did not disappoint. This toy comes with lube, which is great; you don’t have to interrupt your play time trying to find lube. Easy insertion made this toy very pleasurable, and the snowflake design made for an orgasmic experience. The Tenga Egg is small enough that it can be held in one hand. Tightening and loosening your hand grip while stroking adds to the pleasure as well. What I like most about this egg is the cleanup, which is just throwing it away. This egg is good for penis owners that are looking to try new toys without breaking the bank, or are just looking to get pleasure on the go. Either way, I say invest in getting you one.

Manufacturer Description:

The TENGA Easy Ona Cap Egg Snow Crystal Stroker Male Masturbator has an interior full of snow crystal-like patterns that squeeze you all over in a snowstorm of pleasure as it stretches and shrinks! The Easy Ona Cap Egg Snow Crystal Stroker is very compact in size, but will stretch and expand into a larger size and shape. The internal wavy design delivers a whole new sensation with its unbelievable stretchability.

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