Spinner 03 Shell

Spinner 03 Shell

The container itself drew me in more than anything. There is hidden engineering in that little box that adds things that you never knew you needed. The entire piece fits within a capsule that when placed with the small cap side down will allow you to vent dry your freshly washed piece. That feature fits in so subtlety that I didn't even realize until I watched a video recommended by a paper insert.

I had the Shell 3, which came with the yellow spring. There was a plastic insert containing one packet of "Hole Lotion" tucked into the opening of the stroker. The Usage Warning pamphlet does not recommend using the lube for sexual intercourse though. The twisting motion itself adds some flair to self-satisfaction.

Manufacturer Description:

Go FOR A SPIN! An all-new internal coil mechanism makes the SPINNER twist on insertion, sending unbelievable sensations with each stroke! Three different styles to enjoy, each with different details and material firmness! Enjoy a unique sensation like none other.

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