Adlib Drinking Game

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Adlib Drinking Game

Adlib Drinking Game from Kheper Games offers excitement and more. Get totally shmamerred with all your bros and have loads of fun. The host of the party selects a game and asks his guests to fill in the blanks by reading the type of word needed underneath the blanks. After all blanks are full, the group then carries out the custom drinking game rules they created.

Manufacturer Description:

You'll be crying from laughter after a hilarious round of Kheper's Ad-Lib Drinking Games, a handy booklet of fill-in-the-blank type party games structured around already popular themes including I Never and Drink or Dare. Take turns filling in the blanks with the corresponding type of word listed under each blank, and then complete the game using the new rules you've created. Ad-libs can be played with an unlimited amount of players. 31 pages of games are included.

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