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FTC, VISA, BBB Condemn Bad Billing

Companies involved in fraudulent billing practices beware: the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), along with Visa and the Better Business Bureau are coming after you.

Report: VISA May Drop ICC-Cal

Israel Discount Bank subsidiary Israel Credit Cards-Cal Ltd. has been levied a fine of nearly $13.5 million dollars and according to some reports, may have its international clearing permit revoked by VISA Europe — and could even be ousted from the card association.

Visa Sets Software Security Deadlines

Visa has announced global requirements for financial institutions to ensure merchant customers and agents use secure payment applications.

Visa to Offer Mobile Money Transfer

Visa and U.S. Bank have announced plans to launch a mobile money transfer program that will allow registered U.S.-based Visa cardholders to securely send funds to one another via their mobile phones.

Visa, Wells Fargo Test U.S. Pay-By-Phone System

The first phase of testing for a pay-by-phone system created by Visa and Wells Fargo is complete with two more phases planned this year. If adopted, it would be the first time the payment method — already popular overseas — would be available in the U.S., according to Wells Fargo Vice President Peter Ho.


A VISA Alternative

We’ve had a few recent discussions on the XBIZ boards that explored innovative marketing and billing mechanisms; some of which caused complications with billing companies such as CCBill, due to the nature of the content and means of its presentation

Stephen Yagielowicz ·

IBill Adopts Virtual Visa

The ongoing saga of iBill's attempts to remain in the online adult transaction processing business took a surprise turn Friday when customers began receiving email notifications about changes to their subscription status.

Epoch Waives VISA Fees

Epoch Waives VISA Fees Offers European Visa Payments

AVCash now offers their webmasters an alternative way of receiving payments via a corporate Visa Electron card.

Visa Against "Deviant Behavior"

Following a similar announcement earlier this month by MasterCard, Visa is following in its competitor's footsteps and altering its policy

Perfect 10 Sues Visa/MasterCard

After taking a loss of more than $29 million to copyright infringement over the past six years, the owner of Perfect 10 is waging a war against the two largest and most successful credit card companies

Adult Check Hit By Visa

The AVS has decided to restructure its current business model and introduce a new hybrid program that will reduce its credit card liabilities and ensure compliance with Visa's new ratio caps


VISA Regulations: Unfair?

Recently, Visa passed regulations that hold sponsors accountable for the actions of their Webmasters. Sponsors feel this is unfair, and their feeling is understandable, but is Visa's action really unreasonable

Mandy Haga ·

Turgeon Points to Visa

After explaining's decision to transition from an AVS site to a mega paysite, COO Robert Turgeon pointed again to Visa as the cause for fallout within the adult industry

Gretchen Gallen ·

Why VISA/MC Drives Me Nuts!

Tired of being manipulated, penalized, and discriminated against by the major credit card companies simply because you are an online merchant - and worse yet - in the porn biz? Well, so is Doug, and if you’re like him, you’re wondering why

Doug ·

To Accept Visa or Not. . .

It is a question that surfaced late last year, but not one that has gone away – Many small site operators, as well as newbies just venturing into the pay site game, are asking: “Is accepting VISA worth it?”

Stephen Yagielowicz ·

Traffic: Targeting, Locking, and Converting - It's Not Just a VISA Driven Marketplace

The Internet is still growing and is finally becoming a true global network of individuals communicating, conducting business, shopping and thankfully transacting large amounts of money. For you, the Adult Webmaster, this means that you must service various cultures, desires, and most importantly offer targeted options.

Jason Tucker ·