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Biird Offers $69K Salary in Search for New TikTok Brand Ambassador

Biird is seeking a content creator to serve as its new TikTok brand ambassador, with the offer of an annual salary up to $69,000.

Adult Empire Launches Official TikTok Channel

Adult Empire has debuted its official TikTok channel, @adultempireofficial.

OnlyFans Creator Sami Sheen Defends Sex Workers on TikTok

OnlyFans creator Sami Sheen has taken to TikTok to defend her status as a sex worker and to educate the platform’s users about the diversity of activities within the category.


Rebuilding Your TikTok After an Account Ban

TikTok has been a viral vehicle for content creators, including those of us in the adult industry. But despite being a newer social media platform, the short-form video-sharing app is notoriously strict about community guideline violations.

Gwen Adora ·

Sophia West Launches TikTok Account

Sophia West has launched her TikTok page.


Making TikTok Work for You

Being an entrepreneur is hard enough, but folks in the adult industry have it even harder. Every single day, tens of thousands of social media users open their smartphones to log in to their profiles and engage with their networks, only to realize that the worst has happened: account deletion.

Johnny Diamond ·

TikTok Sex Censorship Results in Rise of Euphemistic 'Algospeak'

Online trend watchers have been flagging a noticeable rise in the use of “algospeak,” euphemistic terms used to avoid sex-related censorship on popular platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Theodora Day to Host World Vegan Day Livestream on TikTok

Theodora Day is hosting a livestream to celebrate World Vegan Day on TikTok tomorrow.


Tips for Adult Creators Who Use Tiktok

TikTok is one of the largest and hottest social media platforms right now, a place where just about anyone can go viral overnight. Many content creators have catapulted their careers by using the platform to subtly direct their audience to their exclusive fan pages or adult content.

Ellesquishy ·

Motorbunny Launches TikTok Live 'AMA' Campaign With Britney Amber

Motorbunny is launching “Ask Me Anything Live on a Bunny,” a new campaign for content creators.

Dee Siren to Lead Yoga, Meditation Sessions on ePlay, TikTok

Dee Siren has invited fans and admirers to join her livestreamed yoga and meditation sessions on ePlay and TikTok.

Sex Workers, Performers Invited to Participate in Platform Discrimination Study

Digital studies and sexuality researcher Dr. Carolina Are is asking sex workers, adult performers and others who have experienced discrimination to participate in a study investigating Instagram and TikTok’s approach to malicious flagging or reporting of "gray area" content, including nudity.

Just Say 'Corn': Washington Post Highlights Hypocrisy of 'Algospeak'

The Washington Post published a lengthy report today highlighting the hypocrisy of algorithmic censorship, which has forced sex workers and others to develop “Algospeak,” nonsensical euphemisms to refer to banned words and concepts.

TikTok Using 'Porn Filters' to Censor Other Types of Controversial Content

German investigative journalists have obtained evidence from TikTok corroborating free speech advocates' claims that some platforms are using “porn filters” to target other controversial content involving issues like politics, human rights and LGBTQ+ expression.


TikTok Tips for Cam Models

These days, TikTok ranks pretty high up on the list of guilty pleasures for many people.

Jackie Backman ·

TikTok-Inspired Qwki Platform Touts Initial Growth

TikTok-inspired adult social media network Qwki is touting initial growth.

NCOSE Activist Opens TikTok Account to Spread Anti-Sex Work Propaganda

Haley McNamara, an activist affiliated with powerful, religiously-inspired anti-porn lobby NCOSE (formerly Morality in Media), has started a TikTok account to spread propaganda targeting adult content and sex worker rights.

Biden Orders 'National Security' Review of All Foreign Apps

President Joe Biden yesterday issued an executive order mandating a vast review of “apps controlled by foreign adversaries” in order to assess national security and privacy issues.

Bang Bros Director Logan Xander Earns Viral TikTok Fame

Logan Xander has found viral popularity on TikTok. For the past two months Xander, under the username of Heygrimy, has steadily grown his fan base by offering a behind-the-scenes perspective on the adult industry.

qrush Launches TikTok-Style 'Recommended Feed' Update

Content monetization app qrush has announced the rollout of its new Recommended Feed, built to offer the feel of an "adult TikTok."