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Ohmibod Showcasing Sexual Health Products at CES 2016

OhMiBod places the importance of sexual health on center stage at its sixth visit to CES, the world’s largest showcase of emerging technology, where the company is debuting the TASL interactive app and Lovelife krush smart kegel exerciser.

Entrenue Offers 4 New OhMiBod Lovelife Designs

Entrenue has announced the introduction of four new designs from the Lovelife brand, a collection of vibes and accessories designed with couples in mind.

OhMiBod Expands Lovelife Line

OhMiBod has added four new products to its Red Dot award-winning line of Lovelife massagers.

OhMiBod Updates App With ‘Oh-Dometer’

OhMiBod has added an “Oh-Dometer” to the OhMiBod Remote app, which allows users to log orgasms, set weekly orgasm goals, and view orgasms over time.

Eropartner Offering OhMiBod ’s 'blueMotion NEX|2'

Eropartner announced today that it is now offering the Bluemotion NEX|2 by OhMiBod.

MensHealth Shows Off 5 New Innovative Sex Toys

MensHealth.com has published a list of five of the most innovative sex toys on the market.


Sex Toy Manufacturers Aggressively Pursue Mainstream Marketing

Sex toys have been a lucrative, profitable part of the adult entertainment industry for decades. But in recent years, sex toys have — much like BDSM — become increasingly mainstream. More and more, sex toy manufacturers have been looking to mainstream outlets like The New York Times and Cosmopolitan for publicity.

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OhMiBod Hires Molly Perlich as Director of Sales

OhMiBod said it has tapped Molly Perlich as director of sales in an effort to strengthen its push into the mainstream consumer electronics market.

OhMiBod’s Suki Dunham Appears on CNBC’s ‘The Pitch’

OhMiBod founder Suki Dunham appeared on CNBC’s “The Pitch,” where she pitched her company’s line of Bluetooth-enabled vibrators to “Shark Tank” millionaire investor Kevin O’Lear

Shades of Success: 2015 Looks Bright for Pleasure Products Sector

With a new year upon us and the crucial Valentine’s Day holiday looming on the horizon, it’s an ideal time to look at what leading companies in the adult pleasure products sector have lined up for the months ahead.

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OhMiBod to Showcase Advances in Wearable Sex Tech at CES 2015

OhMiBod commemorates its fifth year at CES with the unveiling of smart watch connectivity and biofeedback functionality added to its blueMotion line of Bluetooth enabled massagers.

Video: Ohmibod Spotlights blueMotion Functions

Ohmibod has released a new video ad for its remote-app enabled wearable vibe, blueMotion.

Net 1on1 Now Distributing OhMiBod blueMotion

Net 1on1 has announced that it is now an official distributor of OhMiBod’s wireless panty vibe, blueMotion.

OhMiBod Announces National 'blueMotion' Events

OhMiBod today announced national “ blueMotion” events in July to introduce its remote-controlled vibrator and wi-fi enabled OhmiBod Remote smartphone app.

OhMiBod Attending Red Dot Award Presentation

The OhMiBod team will be attending the Red Dot Gala and Designers' Night, held at Aalto-Theater in Essen, Germany on July 7 to pick up its Product Design 2014 Award for its Lovelife line of personal massagers.

Ohmibod Founder Brian Dunham to Speak at Glazed Conference

Ohmibod founder Brian Dunham will speak on the panel “Wearables and the Innovation of Sexual Intimacy,” June 4 as part of the GLAZED Conference at The Regency Center in San Francisco.

OhMiBod Launches blueMotion Indiegogo Campaign, Featured on PCMag.com

Following the announcement of OhMiBod’s Indiegogo campaign for the blueMotion Bluetooth-enabled wearable vibe, PCMag.com’s Sascha Segan reveals a patent “problem” with teledildonics.

OhMiBod, Good Vibes Partner for Lovelife DIY Campaign

OhMiBod has partnered with Good Vibrations for a spring season home improvement themed marketing campaign for its new Lovelife collection.

OhMiBod Lovelife Collection Wins Red Dot Award

OhMiBod has won the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014 for Lovelife, its new line of personal massagers.

OhMiBod Unveils blueMotion Wearable Massager

OhMiBod celebrates its fourth year at CES with the unveiling of blueMotion, a wearable massager that uses Bluetooth technology.