OhMiBod, Good Vibes Partner for Lovelife DIY Campaign

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — OhMiBod has partnered with Good Vibrations for a spring season home improvement themed marketing campaign for its new Lovelife collection.

OhMiBod’s Ryan Poirier told XBIZ that the campaign draws on “consumer facing ideas” that are marketed this time of year.

“We looked to what else consumers are looking at this season and if you follow the media you’ll see that we’re inundated with spring cleaning, home improvement and doing it yourself,” he said. “As a company we thought this is an exciting idea for a marketing campaign in time for spring.”

Poirier credits Good Vibrations’ visual merchandising team, Sharon Lee and Mike Korcek, for collaborating on the store’s window display, which centers on a home painting project theme with props that include a vintage ladder, branded paint buckets and hot pink toolboxes. An OhMiBod poster featuring a tool belt filled with Lovelife toys serves as part of the scene’s backdrop.

“Good Vibes has always been a great partner to us so we thought this would be a great idea,” he said. “By working with the Good Vibes visual merchandising team we executed what I believe is a very effective marketing campaign that — from what I’ve heard — has brought in more sales.

“Our goal is always to tell a story,” Poirier said. “With this display we made it look like it was a couple that was doing home improvement and painted a room but somewhere along the way, they decided that they’d rather have some fun with each other. The wall is half painted to give that idea and there are paint hand-prints on the wall and floor.”

The display is also reflected inside the store with another poster and more themed props. Poirier says the display, like most of the brand’s marketing, is intended to drive the acceptability of pleasure products among consumers by reflecting themes and ideas that are familiar to the general public.

The seven-piece Lovelife collection includes Adventure, a triple stimulating massager; Share, a vibrating couples ring; Cuddle, a G-Spot massager; Flex, a set of Kegel exercise aids; and three other massagers that appeal to beginners. The line was recently awarded a 2014 Red Dot Award for product design.