Video: Ohmibod Spotlights blueMotion Functions

Ariana Rodriguez

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — Ohmibod has released a new video ad for its remote-app enabled wearable vibe, blueMotion.

The video, titled “OhMiBod, I’m in Love with You” is a racy update of Ohmibod’s original vibrator ad, which attracted nearly 6 million viewers, the company says.

In the video ad for blueMotion, “a flirtatious young woman sends her man sexy selfies, then activates blueMotion at home as he turns on his smartphone app and manipulates the vibration action remotely, grooving his girl into complete ecstasy.

“While the video may be risqué – a couple enjoys playing with the blueMotion vibrator together via a remote-controlled app as a sexy bass line thumps in the background,” the company said, “it’s definitely creating a buzz for couples looking for a new intimate thrill in the Digital Age.”