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MojoHost 'Next-Gen VPS' Now Available Globally

MojoHost has made the latest virtual private server (VPS) technology, AMD Ryzen servers with NVMe storage, available in all three of the company's data centers: Detroit, Miami and Amsterdam.

MojoHost Nabs 2024 XBIZ Award

MojoHost has scored the 2024 XBIZ Award for Web Services Company of the Year.

MojoHost Appoints Mila Staneva as Communications Director

MojoHost has appointed Mila Staneva as its new communications director.


The Next Frontier in Computing, Storage Is Here

While I typically steer clear of diving too deeply into the technical nitty-gritty, in this month’s column I’m making an exception, because there’s a technological evolution underway that has the potential to fundamentally enhance technical outcomes and, more importantly, grow revenue.

Brad Mitchell ·

MojoHost Appoints Roland Grotheer as European Brand Ambassador

MojoHost has appointed industry veteran Roland Grotheer as its new European brand ambassador.


Beware of Social Engineering Hacks

In case you’ve never heard of social engineering hacks, they are cyberattacks that prey on individual people. The intent is to get victims to divulge private information or take actions, precisely planned by the attacker, that will lead to a security breach.

Brad Mitchell ·

MojoHost Launches Cyber Monday Promo

MojoHost is launching a Cyber Monday promotion with 50% off.


The Importance of a Modern Tech Stack

You’ve built your website or platform. It is a fantastic piece of software, it works — and even better, your customers love it. You’re done developing, so now you can fire all your developers and not renew your contractor agreements. Right?

Brad Mitchell ·

Eyes on the Site: Strategies for 24/7 Website Monitoring

Back in the 1990s, there were all sorts of companies that would scan your website and let you know if and when it ever went down. Ah, the memories. Site monitoring has since advanced far beyond those humble beginnings. Today, most websites are more complex, and checking whether one is online or not is not as simple as it used to be.

Brad Mitchell ·

Commonly Forgotten Steps When Migrating a Website

Switching hosting providers can be a daunting proposition. If you felt a bit of panic right there just from the thought, you’re not alone. There isn’t anyone on the planet who looks forward to migrating a website — but planning will make everything flow smoother.

Brad Mitchell ·

Optimizing Your Hosting Costs

These days, everyone is feeling the pinch of higher prices — including businesses realizing the true cost of cloud hosting. They say ignorance is bliss, but in the case of business owners who don’t even know they’re being taken advantage of, ignorance is just expensive.

Brad Mitchell ·

Capitalizing on the Latest Hosting Trends

It amazes me how far technology has come. Running with the ever-improving blazing-fast servers we do today almost feels like cheating compared with what used to run the internet decades ago.

Brad Mitchell ·

ASACP Names MojoHost, AgeChecked, TES Affiliate Conferences 'Featured Sponsors' for July

ASACP has named MojoHost, AgeChecked and TES Affiliate Conferences as Featured Sponsors for July.

MojoHost Launches Cold Storage Solution MojoIce

MojoHost has launched its new object storage solution, MojoIce, designed for active backups, internal content management and other cold storage needs.


Brad Mitchell Flexes Tech Muscle With New MojoHost Data Center

In his pursuit of meeting the adult industry’s unique hosting needs with the high-tech yin-and-yang harmony that MojoHost’s colorful logo promises, Brad Mitchell has spared no expense with his new Detroit, Michigan data center.

Alejandro Freixes ·

MojoHost Unveils Cyber Monday Deal for Ryzen Servers, Free Bandwidth

MojoHost is offering a new AMD Ryzen NVMe server bundled with free unmetered bandwidth on a 10 Gigabit connection for $499 per month. The promotion is valid for a week starting Cyber Monday.

MojoHost Opens Flagship Data Center in Michigan

MojoHost has opened its new flagship Michigan data center, officially named the MojoHost Zen1, or "Zen" for short.

Brad Mitchell to Deliver XBIZ 2023 Tech Keynote

XBIZ is pleased to announce that MojoHost co-founder and CEO Brad Mitchell will deliver the tech keynote address at XBIZ LA 2023, set for Jan. 9-12.

ASACP Names MojoHost, AgeChecked, TES Featured Sponsors for July

ASACP has named MojoHost, AgeChecked and TES Affiliate Conferences as its featured sponsors for July.

MojoHost, X10 Partner to Offer Premium Fan Site Solution

MojoHost has partnered with X10 Revenue to offer a solution allowing anyone to launch their own premium fan site.