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Researchers, ECP Release 1st 'Pornhub Creator Consultations Report'

Internet and sex work researchers Maggie MacDonald and Val Webber have released their first “Pornhub Creator Consultations Report,” probing issues such as banking access for sex workers, different types of platform discrimination, and advocacy.

Controversial Judge Certifies Class Action in NCOSE-Promoted Pornhub Lawsuit

A federal judge presiding over a civil lawsuit against Pornhub's parent company has granted class certification in the case to all persons who were minors when they appeared in content posted on that site since February 2011.

'We are proud of our identity': ECP's Solomon Friedman on Rebranding MindGeek as Aylo

Solomon Friedman, partner and VP at Ethical Capital Partners (ECP), gave an exclusive interview to XBIZ on Thursday, offering details on the announcement of MindGeek’s general rebranding as Aylo.

MindGeek Rebrands as Aylo

MindGeek has rebranded as Aylo, a new brand identity which will be implemented across all company communications, marketing materials and digital platforms.

NYC Kebab Restaurant Challenged Over Pornhub Lookalike Logo

MindGeek last month sent a formal cease-and-desist letter to New York City kebab restaurant Döner Haus over its logo, which replicates the color and font design of the trademarked Pornhub logo.

MindGeek's MG Premium Awarded Ownership of Daftsex.com's Mirrored Sites

A Washington District Court has ruled that MindGeek’s MG Premium is entitled to ownership of the mirrored sites, and some social media accounts, established by the former owner and operator of DaftSex.com to sidestep the court’s piracy ruling against him.

MindGeek Introduces New 'UViU' Premium Fan Platform

MindGeek has launched UViU, a new platform that enables creators to sell content directly to their fans.

MindGeek Argues Adult Content Is Not 'Uniquely Canadian,' Seeks Exemption to New Online Streaming Bill

MindGeek has petitioned the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to be exempted from Canadian content standards in Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Bill, claiming that adult content is not “uniquely Canadian.”

Age Verification: Unpacking a Web of Laws and Controversies

Last February, the adult industry trade group Free Speech Coalition (FSC) released a policy position paper that clearly stressed, from the get-go, a sentiment shared by virtually every single professional in the sector.

Pornhub Disables Access From Utah in Response to Anti-Porn Law

Pornhub today disabled access to its platform from all Utah IP addresses, in response to the state’s latest anti-porn law, which goes into effect Wednesday.

New MindGeek Owners Consult With Stakeholders

Ethical Capital Partners (ECP), the Canadian private equity firm that acquired MindGeek last month, is currently undertaking consultations with stakeholders.

Canada's CBC Profiles the New MindGeek Advisory Board

Canada’s public broadcaster, the CBC, profiled on Sunday the new MindGeek advisory board set up by Ottawa-based private equity firm Ethical Capital Partners (ECP), after its recent purchase of Pornhub, Brazzers and other leading adult brands.

Investors Consolidate Lawsuits Against Visa Over MindGeek Payment Processing

A Delaware Chancery Court on Monday consolidated three stockholder lawsuits aiming to hold Visa liable for the alleged monetization of user-uploaded CSAM content posted to MindGeek tube sites.

Pornhub Doc 'Money Shot' is 4th Most Watched Netflix Movie Worldwide

Netflix has released viewership numbers for its documentary “Money Shot: The Pornhub Story,” revealing that it has been streamed for over 13 million hours, making it the network’s fourth most watched film worldwide in its debut week.

'MindGeek Has a Responsibility to Lead by Example': An Interview With Solomon Friedman, Partner at New Owner ECP

Solomon Friedman, partner and VP at Ethical Capital Partners (ECP), the Canadian private equity firm whose purchase of MindGeek was made public yesterday, gave an exclusive interview to XBIZ today.

New MindGeek Owner EPC Releases 'Road Map' Statement

After making its purchase of MindGeek public this morning, new Ottawa private equity firm Ethical Capital Partners (ECP) released a statement outlining a road map for the new direction of the company.

MindGeek Acquired by Ottawa Private Equity Firm

Pornhub and Brazzers parent company MindGeek has been acquired by a new Ottawa private equity firm, Ethical Capital Partners.

Pornhub Denounces Renewed Censorship of Instagram Account

Pornhub released a statement denouncing the arbitrary censorship of its Instagram account, after it was briefly reactivated for a few hours yesterday before being shut down again.

Netflix to Premiere Pornhub Documentary 'Money Shot'

Netflix will debut a new original documentary, “Money Shot: The Pornhub Story,” on March 15.

MindGeek Wins $32M Judgement Against Copyright Infringer DaftSex.com

A Washington District Court has ordered the owner and operator of DaftSex.com to surrender his domains and pay $32 million in damages to MindGeek over copyright violations related to content owned by the Montreal-headquartered adult conglomerate.