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Perfect 10 Sues Microsoft for Copyright Infringement

Perfect 10 President Norm Zada filed suit against Microsoft yesterday, alleging the company's search engine allows users access to thousands of stolen images and passwords to

Microsoft Files for Patent on Extensive Adware System

In a recently filed patent application, Microsoft Corp. seeks a patent for what appears to be a far more extensive adware application than anything currently on the market.

Microsoft Unveils Mediaroom, Latest Update to IPTV

Microsoft Corp. has announced the availability of Microsoft Mediaroom, the latest update to the company’s Internet Protocol Television platform, and a rebranding of the company’s IPTV service, which reflects the added multimedia capabilities introduced in the update.

Microsoft Developing Software to ID Anonymous Users

Microsoft is in the research phase of developing software that would identify Internet users — names, ages and genders — merely by analyzing their online habits.

Microsoft Releases New Mobile Web Browser

Microsoft has unveiled a new mobile web browser that the company says is intended to more closely imitate a desktop surfing experience. The software giant is making the technology, called Deepfish, available to the public on a limited basis.

Microsoft Sues Cybersquatters, Raises Awareness

Microsoft has launched a series of lawsuits targeting cybersquatters in the U.S. and Europe, urging other companies to do the same to help fight what the World Intellectual Property Organization calls a growing threat to trademark owners.

Microsoft Blasts Google Over Copyright

Search engine juggernaut Google has made its push into new media at the expense of copyright holders, a top Microsoft lawyer told a gathering of the Association of American Publishers.

Microsoft Melds Xbox with IPTV

The world’s largest software maker has announced plans to fuse its Xbox 360 gaming console with its proprietary IPTV software. Microsoft will offer IPTV on Xbox 360 to service providers by the 2007 holiday season.

Microsoft Releases Expression Studio Suite, Targets Flash

Microsoft has released Expression Studio, a new suite of tools for web designers. The package includes upgraded versions of three previously seen products, as well as a fourth application deemed to be a “Flash killer,” which puts the software giant in direct competition with rival Adobe.

Microsoft Releases Vista, Office 2007 to Businesses

After much fanfare and numerous delays, software giant Microsoft released new operating system Windows Vista today. Vista is the company’s first new OS in five years.

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft to Use Same Web Indexing Tool

Search engine leaders Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have said they have agreed to increase Internet interoperability by adopting the same web indexing tool. The decision helps webmasters ensure that their sites can be found on each search engine.

Microsoft Wins Judgment Against Porn Spammer

For the second time in as many months, Microsoft has secured a court victory over a spammer accused of violating the company’s Hotmail terms of service agreement to push porn online.

Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 7

It was only five years in the making. After promising users an update 18 months ago and following all the subsequent hype — and criticism — Microsoft released the latest version of its Internet Explorer web browser.

Italy, Microsoft Team Up to Stop Child Porn

Taking a cue from the successful debuts of Microsoft’s anti-child pornography system in Canada and Indonesia, Italy is the first European country to adopt the Child Exploitation Tracking System.

Microsoft Browser Flaw Gets ‘Critical’ Rating; Fix Available

Microsoft Corp. says it has rushed a fix for a security flaw in its Internet Explorer browser that had carried its highest “critical” rating. Attackers would be able to take complete control of a user's computer and access to all data.

Microsoft to Launch YouTube Rival

Microsoft Corp. plans to ride the coattails of YouTube when it announces Tuesday that it is coming up with its own video service called Soapbox on MSN Video.

Microsoft Wins Civil Judgment Against Porn Spammer

An English porn site operator who used spam sent from his hotmail address to direct traffic to his website will have to pay Microsoft $84,000, after a civil court ruled that the man violated the terms and conditions of his account.

Microsoft Debuts New Search Engine

Software giant Microsoft is officially launching its updated and renamed search engine today. Live Search steps up the company’s search capabilities to capture the market share dominated by Google and Yahoo.


Microsoft DRM Cracked!

For those who haven’t heard the buzz around the web, there is a program called FairUse4WM that alllegedly can crack Windows DRM

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Microsoft Asks Mozilla Engineers for Vista Input

Microsoft has invited software engineers from Mozilla, which oversees the development of the open source browser Firefox, to visit company offices to help ensure that the application works well with the long-awaited Windows Vista operating system, now slated for an early 2007 release.