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No Porn for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7

Following Apple’s no-porn mandate for its digital product apps, Microsoft released the final version of its Windows phone developer tools today that clearly prohibit porn, sex, nudity or adult content.

Internet Explorer 9 Won't Run on Windows XP

Internet Explorer 9 beta may have rolled out, but if you're running Windows XP on your PC you can forget about it.

Just-Released Internet Explorer 9 to Embrace HTML5

Microsoft Corp released the latest version of Internet Explorer, claiming it has faster speeds and handles graphics better. It also will support HTML5.

Microsoft Plans IE9 Beta Launch

Microsoft has announced plans to launch the beta of Internet Explorer 9 on Sept. 15.

Microsoft Targets Android Platform

Microsoft continues to expand its brand into its rival's arenas with the release of a Bing app for Verizon Wireless customers using Android devices.

Yahoo Completes Search Transition to Microsoft

Yahoo has announced that it has completed its transition of certain back-end functions for Yahoo search over to Microsoft’s search platform.

Microsoft Warns of .LNK Flaw

Microsoft has issued an advisory for the vulnerability affecting all current versions of Windows, including the recently released service pack one of Windows 7 and Windows server 2008 R2.

Yahoo to Begin Testing Bing-Powered Results This Month

Yahoo has confirmed it will be testing Bing powered results in its live search results.

Windows 8 Leak Reveals Quick Start-Up, iPad-Like App Store

It seems as if Microsoft may be following in Apple’s footsteps, by offering a quick start-up and software through an iPad-like Windows app store.

Windows Releases New Phone Marketplace Rules

Amid the release of the new iPhone, Microsoft tried to grab some attention of its own by announcing the guidelines for the new Windows Phone 7 app store.

Apple Surpasses Microsoft

Apple shot past Microsoft this week on Wall Street to become the world’s most valuable technology company.

MS Warns of IE/XP Server Exploit

A speaker at the recent Blackhat DC security conference, Jorge Luis Alvarez Medina of Core Security Technologies, demonstrated a previously undocumented method of remotely turning a Windows XP-based computer into a web server.

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MS Courier: Beyond the Tablet

Production concepts revealing Microsoft's response to archrival Apple's iPad tablet, and Amazon's Kindle — known as "Courier" — have begun showing up on the Internet.

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Technology Overcomes Storage Limits

Old hardware limits are passing as a new generation of computer systems offers increased performance and far greater capabilities.

Windows' God Mode

A recently uncovered hack known as "GodMode" is creating a stir over its ability to provide advanced users of Windows with extensive access and administration features.

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Microsoft Surface

Adult marketers trying to stay on the edge of technology have an endless sea of implementations of known devices complicating an already platform-diverse landscape to contend with, as well as an ongoing torrent of new innovations, "just around the corner."

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HTML5 Comes to MSIE 9

Microsoft has announced that its market-leading Internet Explorer browser will support HTML5 in its next release, showcasing the software at the MIX10 designers and developers conference in Las Vegas.

MS Natal Revolutionizes User Controls

There's a breakthrough technology from Microsoft that is gaining momentum and which holds the promise of forming another link in the chain towards haptic Nirvana.

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Microsoft Offers EU Browser Choice

In a move certain to further diversify the number of platforms that adult designers must accommodate, Microsoft will begin offering alternatives to its market-leading Internet Explorer (IE) web browser.

Rupert Murdoch Threatens to Jump Ship on Google

Rupert Murdoch has threatened to abandon Google, and that might mean good news for Microsoft's upstart search engine, Bing.