Windows 8 Leak Reveals Quick Start-Up, iPad-Like App Store

LOS ANGELES — It seems as if Microsoft may be following in Apple’s footsteps, by offering a quick start-up and software through an iPad-like Windows app store.

According to, newly leaked documents about Windows 8 offer a window into Microsoft’s plan.

In the documents, which appear to come from an April meeting with computer makers, Microsoft discusses its rival and outlines plans to offer a Windows Store similar to Apple’s.

The documents also talk about plans to give windows a more iPad-like response time through new power management settings.

Other things discussed include the need for a number of features popularized by its products, including the App Store, as well as a more instant-on feel.

One part of the document called, "How Apple Does It: A Virtuous Cycle," talks about the need for simplicity in design. "Apple brand is known for high quality, uncomplicated, ‘it just works,'" the document says, adding that "This is something people will pay for!"

Among the goals outlined for Windows 8 are some features that would appear to be aimed at making Windows more competitive in this market, including improved simplicity, better support of touch and gestures, as well as support for smaller-size screens.

Microsoft has been working on tablets for nearly a decade and, as early as 2005, outlined the hardware trends that would enable a device like the iPad, but so far, only Apple has been able to create a hit with consumers.

As for the store, Microsoft apparently plans to let each computer maker brand the store under their own name. Among the benefits to consumers would be the ability to access those applications on any PC they own.

It is also outlined as an opportunity for partners to make money after the PC sale, though it is described as "revenue neutral" for Windows, suggesting that perhaps Microsoft is not planning to take a cut of sales.