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Oversight Board Questions Instagram's Nudity, 'Sexual Solicitation' Standards

Meta’s Oversight Board — a panel of experts selected by the company to deliberate on content decisions — released a decision this week recommending the company clarify arbitrary and vague definitions concerning nudity, sexual activity and sexual solicitation.

Slate Probes Social Media Discrimination Against Pleasure Product Companies

Slate published a report last week documenting discrimination against pleasure product companies by major social media platforms.

BaDoink Studios to Hold Raffles for 3 'Meta Quest Pro' VR Headsets

BaDoink Studios is holding three raffles for subscribers, with each winner receiving a Meta Quest Pro virtual reality headset.

Instagram Launches New Tool Notifying Users Who Have Been Shadow-Banned

In a move away from Meta’s longtime policy of denying the existence of "shadow bans," Instagram has launched a new tool to let users know if their posts are “barred from being recommended to other users.”

Judge Allows APAG Officers' Lawsuit Against Meta to Move Forward

A U.S. District judge yesterday denied Meta’s motion to dismiss a civil lawsuit alleging that Meta employees conspired with OnlyFans to blacklist OnlyFans' competitors and their brand ambassadors.

Maryland Lawsuit Alleging Instagram Discrimination Against Adult Business Moves Forward

A Maryland judge ruled on Monday that a lawsuit against Meta, over alleged discrimination by Instagram against an adult business, can move forward.

Instagram Continues Refusing to Answer Questions About Pornhub Ban

A week after a group of performers and organizations, led by Pornhub, sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg and other Meta execs, decrying blatant discrimination against sex workers, Instagram has yet to respond to follow-up questions about its permanent shutdown of the adult platform’s account.

Pornhub, Adult Content Creators Confront Instagram Over Discriminatory Practices

Led by Pornhub, a group of adult content creators, companies, organizations and sex workers have co-signed an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri and other Meta staffers, condemning what the signers label as Instagram's discriminatory moderation practices.

Mark Zuckerberg Defends Porn Ban, Denies 'Shadowbans' Exist

During a recent interview, Facebook founder, Instagram owner and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg doubled down on his platforms' total ban on “pornography” and flatly denied the existence of “shadowbans” against specific users.

Meta Taps Top Legal Firm for Alleged 'Blacklisting' Lawsuit by Adult Performers

International law firm Kirkland & Ellis will be defending Meta, Facebook and Instagram in the proposed class action lawsuit alleging the platforms conspired with OnlyFans’ owner to shadowban competitors and their exclusive talent.

Anti-Porn Lobby NCOSE Urges Action Against Netflix for 'Normalizing' Sex Work

Religiously inspired anti-porn lobby NCOSE released yesterday its annual “Dirty Dozen” list of companies it alleges are “major contributors to sexual exploitation" and encourages its followers to target.

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Section 230 Case Against Facebook

The Supreme Court declined today to settle a question presented by a Jane Doe looking to establish Facebook’s liability in a case where she alleges that she was “sex trafficked as a minor” because the social media platform “connected her with a sex trafficker.” Files Class Action Lawsuit Against OnlyFans, Meta

The law firm that recently filed two conspiracy lawsuits against OnlyFans, its owner and Instagram parent company Meta filed on Wednesday a third class action lawsuit, this one on behalf of and a class comprising all other adult platforms.

Top APAG Board Members File Lawsuit Against OnlyFans, Meta

Adult Performance Artists Guild board officers Alana Evans, Kelly Pierce and Ruby have filed a civil lawsuit against OnlyFans, its owner Leonid Radvinsky and Instagram’s parent company, Meta, replicating claims from an ongoing lawsuit filed on behalf of FanCentro and alleging a conspiracy to engage in “tortious interference with contract and intentional interference with prospective business.”

On the Set: Brad Armstrong Spins Wickedly Meta 'Camgirl' Tale

Driving through the charred hills of L.A. feels like going to a different planet, or else some blistering future where all that remains of vegetation is sharp-ended shrubbery. I pull up to the hulking house (naturally, in this part of town), the front yard of which had simply been left dusty like one of the surrounding horse farms. It hardly feels like I’m about to walk onto the set of the Brad Armstrong-directed feature “Camgirl” for Wicked Pictures; from the look of it, it seems more like I’m going for a trail ride.

Private Drops $30M Copyright Suit Against Meta

Private Media Group says that it has dropped its $30 million copyright suit waged against Meta Interfaces.


META Refresher

When discussing HTML 5 and modern SEO, one of the often overlooked issues is the role played by meta tag deployment in traffic development today — as many webmasters believe these tags have little value — but is that really the case? Let’s take a closer look:

Stephen Yagielowicz ·

Meta Interfaces Asks Judge to Dismiss Private's $30M Suit

Meta Interfaces, defending itself over a $30 million copyright suit waged by Private Media Group, says it paid a flat license fee of $106,000 for the same Private content now being litigated in an infringement claim.

Private Sues Meta Interfaces for Trademark Infringement

Private Media Group's Fraserside Holdings division filed a federal lawsuit against Meta Interfaces last week.

Quik-Find Offers New Meta Search Engine

KOS, Greece – Quik-Find has announced the launch of its new meta search engine, combining a meta search function with its own proprietary search engine that the company said allows users to search Quik-Find and four different search engines simultaneously.