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OneUp Innovations Founder Louis Friedman 'Liberates' Brands With Clever Approach

As niche and specialized as the pleasure industry may be, some of our best-known brands don’t just succeed because their founders know sex; they triumph because they also know business.

Colleen Godin ·

Road to Recovery: Retail Industry Execs Reflect on COVID-19 Pandemic

As the news coverage of COVID-19’s devastating impact on Wuhan, China increased, it wasn’t until March that it turned everybody’s world upside down. For the pleasure products industry, the pandemic’s impact was suddenly felt when the American attendees of Shots’ trade event in Ibiza had to quickly get home before the borders closed.

Liberator Manufacturing Masks to Meet Pandemic Need

Liberator parent company LUVU Brands today announced that it is rebooting its operations to help combat the shortage of personal protective masks that faces hospitals, health care workers and consumers.  

Liberator Launches Incognito Kiss, Mustache Sex Wedges

Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear announced today the release of two new sex wedges, part of the company's growing Incognito collection.

Liberator Appears in Amorous Docu-Series 'Sex Life'

Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear is tub-thumping a recent appearance in the Epix documentary series “Sex Life.”

Liberator Adds Jeff Montgomery to International Marketing Team

Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear has hired Jeff Montgomery as its international marketing manager.