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Hot Octopuss Renews Sponsorship of's 'BTS'

Hot Octopuss has renewed their partnership with to sponsor the third season of the “Bator Training Series” (BTS).

Eldorado Announces the Arrival of the Hot Octopuss 'Kurve' G-Spot Vibrator

Eldorado Trading Company is now shipping the customizable G-spot vibrator Kurve from Hot Octopuss.

Hot Octopuss Introduces 'G-Scale' for Measuring Female Orgasms

Hot Octopuss has unveiled “the world's first science-backed orgasm barometer,” which the company says is designed to help women explore and expand their sexual pleasure potential.

Hot Octopuss Registers 80K Orgasms During Sexual Health Campaign

Over the last several weeks, tens of thousands of Australians “came together” as part of Hot Octopuss’ "One Big W*nk" masturbation awareness campaign, which drew over 80,000 "orgasm registrations" from coast-to-coast.


Why Overlooking Disabilities Is Bad for Business

As a manufacturer, our objective has always been twofold — firstly, to create unique sex toys that celebrate every body; and secondly, to make money.

Julia Margo ·

Hot Octopuss Launches G-Spot Vibe With 'Treble and Bass' Technology

Hot Octopuss has unveiled Kurve, which the company bills as the world’s first G-spot toy that incorporates the brand’s patented Treble and Bass technology.

Hot Octopuss Lands 1st Sex Toy Ad to Appear in The Guardian

On March 6, Hot Octopuss’ ad was the first sex toy ad to be approved for and featured in U.K. news publication, The Guardian.

Entrenue Named Semi-Exclusive U.S. Distributor of 'Kurve' by Hot Octopuss

Entrenue has been named a semi-exclusive United States distributor of the Kurve G-Spot Vibe by Hot Octopuss, billed as "the world's first customizable G-spot vibrator."

ANME/XBIZ Show: Pleasure Product Execs Explore Future of Work

You’ve been there: your presentation is flowing flawlessly as buyers sit in rapt attention, videos play without lag, and the audio is crisp and clear. You’re about to close the deal. Suddenly, everyone’s face stops moving as the app crashes.


How Stereotypes in Marketing Prevail, Reject Inclusivity

It’s important to speak difficult truths, so today I want to tackle the trickiest truth of all: you sell more product in the short-term if you abandon inclusivity.

Julia Margo ·

What the U.K. Government Can Learn From Sexperts

Perhaps one of the strangest things I saw in the U.K. in the last month was a conversation about the “casual sex ban” that’s in place here thanks to coronavirus.

Julia Margo ·

Has Lockdown Helped to Ease Masturbation Stigma?

Lockdown loving has been a hot topic over the last few months, with articles about keeping your sex life alive when you’re stuck in close quarters.

Julia Margo ·

Hot Octopuss Launches 'Senior Sex Hub'

Hot Octopuss has launched a dedicated online hub designed to offer sex-positive seniors a sexual wellbeing destination focused on their specific needs.

Hot Octopuss Sponsors Bateworld's 'Bator Training Series'

Sex toy designer Hot Octopuss has announced it is sponsoring the Bator Training Series, an all-new video section available to all members of online male masturbation community


WIA Profile: Julia Margo

Each month, industry news media organization XBIZ spotlights the career accomplishments and outstanding contributions of Women in Adult. WIA profiles offer an intimate look at the professional lives of the industry's most influential female executives.

Women In Adult ·

Bringing ‘Tech’ Into Sex Helps Us Break Out of the ‘Adult’ Silo

After initially seeming like a welcoming environment for adult innovations, last year CES was embroiled in scandal after it gave an innovation award to sex toy company Lora DiCarlo, and then swiftly took the award away.

Julia Margo ·

Calvista Announces Return of Hot Octopuss Products

Calvista has announced that Hot Octopuss will now be available for distribution throughout Australia and New Zealand. 


Why Do People Feel the Need to Hide Their Adult-Related Career Past?

Were you to switch away from the adult industry, how much detail about your current work would make it to your CV?

Julia Margo ·

Women’s Bodies Aren’t Inappropriate — Sex Stigma Is

A challenge for you: can you think of a sex-related topic that is no longer stigmatized at all? Is there any type of sexual pleasure, partnered or solo, which doesn’t have any stigma attached?

Julia Margo ·

How Can We Make Sex Talk Easier?

Have you ever played the word game, Taboo? The idea is that you have to get your teammates to guess a word that’s written on your card.

Julia Margo ·