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TAG24 Profiles Lotus Lain's Sex Worker Rights Trip to UN Committee

The U.S. edition of popular German news site TAG24 this week published a profile of performer and activist Lotus Lain on the occasion of her appearance before the United Nations Human Rights Committee in Geneva, Switzerland, in support of sex worker rights.

FSC's Lotus Lain to Testify on Sex Worker Rights Before UN Committee

Free Speech Coalition’s Industry Relations Advocate Lotus Lain will testify on issues of sex worker rights at a hearing of the United Nations Human Rights Committee in Geneva, Switzerland.

5th Circuit Hears Arguments in Texas Age Verification Challenge

A three-judge panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday heard arguments regarding the injunction against enforcement of Texas’ controversial age verification law, which mandates that adult websites post anti-porn propaganda.

Judge Partially Dismisses FSC Lawsuit to Stop Louisiana Age Verification Law

A federal judge has granted a motion by Louisiana officials to dismiss part of the lawsuit filed by Free Speech Coalition (FSC) and other plaintiffs seeking to block that state’s age verification law.

Democratic NC Governor Signs Copycat Age Verification Bill Into Law

Democratic governor of North Carolina Roy Cooper ignored the arguments of free speech advocates and signed into law on Monday a bill mandating age verification on adult websites.

FSC Calls on North Carolina Governor to Veto Age-Verification Bill

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has sent a letter to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, asking him to veto House Bill 8, to which a Republican legislator attached a copycat age-verification amendment.

Leading Free Speech Groups File Brief Blasting Texas' Age Verification and Mandatory Labeling Law

Several leading free-speech groups, led by the ACLU, urged the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit on Thursday to block the Texas age verification law that requires adult websites to post anti-porn propaganda, contending that this violates the First Amendment.

FSC Sets Calendar for Upcoming Board of Directors Election

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has set the calendar for its November election for Board of Directors.

ACLU, FSC Raise Objections to Senate's New Section 230-Busting Bill

An ACLU-led coalition of civil rights groups and groups representing LGBTQ+ individuals, sex workers, journalists and libraries issued an open letter to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Monday warning against the Strengthening Transparency and Obligations to Protect Children Suffering from Abuse and Mistreatment (STOP CSAM) Act.

Cryptic 5th Circuit Decision Throws Texas Age Verification Controversy Into Chaos

A three-judge panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday issued an administrative stay of the injunction against enforcement of Texas’ controversial age verification law, which mandates that adult websites post anti-porn propaganda.

FSC's Lotus Lain, April Flores Lead Consent Workshop at NSAC

Lotus Lain and April Flores of the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) led a workshop last month on intimacy coordination and consent at the National Sexual Assault Conference (NSAC) in San Francisco.

FSC Warns of Risks to Adult Sites if Texas Age Verification Law Takes Effect Sept. 1

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) issued a statement Thursday urging industry stakeholders to prepare for the new Texas age-verification and labeling law set to take effect Sept. 1.

Texas Interim Attorney General Argues All Adult Content is 'Obscene,' Not Protected by 1st Amendment

Texas’ interim attorney general, Angela Colmenero, on Tuesday issued a response to the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) lawsuit against the state’s controversial age verification law, contending that adult content is “obscene” and therefore not entitled to First Amendment protections.

FSC Executive Director to Present Banking Discrimination Data to Strip Club Execs

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) Executive Director Alison Boden will present the trade organization’s work on banking and financial discrimination to the Association of Club Executives. Boosts Perks for FSC Member Models is offering upgraded benefits to its exclusive models who join Free Speech Coalition (FSC).

FSC Files Legal Challenge to Texas Age Verification Law

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has filed a legal challenge in Texas over the state’s age-verification law.

FSC Files Financial Discrimination Complaint Against Banking Service Novo

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has filed a formal complaint against fintech provider Novo, after the banking service provider rejected the organization's business account application without providing any reason for its decision.

FSC to Appeal Following Utah Judge's Dismissal of 'Age Verification' Challenge

After a Utah judge on Tuesday morning granted the state its motion to dismiss Free Speech Coalition's challenge to a new, vaguely worded "age verification" mandate, the adult industry trade group announced that it will appeal that decision.

FSC Petitions Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Over Discrimination Against Adult Industry, Workers

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has submitted an official comment to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), asking regulators to address the issue of discriminatory banking practices and their effects on adult businesses and workers.

Virginia Republican Behind Age Verification Law Calls Adult Content 'Not Normal'

State Sen. Bill Stanley, author of the age verification law that led Pornhub to shut down access in the commonwealth of Virginia, has defended the controversial, vaguely worded mandate by claiming that adult websites are harmful because their content is “not normal.”