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France's Parliament Passes Controversial Law to Regulate Online Content, Including Adult

The French National Assembly, the country’s lower chamber of parliament, on Tuesday passed the controversial Law Aiming to Secure and Regulate the Digital Space, which includes provisions targeting adult content added during a period of relentless media attacks and panic-mongering against the porn industry.

French Government Report Urges Criminalization of Adult Industry

A sensationalistic report released this week by a French government office is urging immediate state censorship and broad criminalization of the adult industry in France and worldwide.

Producers, Performers in 'French Bukkake' Scandal Ordered to Stand Trial

The two Paris judges overseeing the so-called French Bukkake case have ordered the 17 men involved to stand trial for rape and other crimes, a month after prosecutors requested that action.

Prosecutors in 'French Bukkake' Case Ask Judge to Try 17 Producers, Male Talents

French prosecutors reportedly asked a judge last week to require 17 men involved in the so-called French Bukkake case to stand trial for rape and other crimes.

French Court Postpones Decision on Blocking Adult Sites

The Paris Judicial Tribunal on Friday decided to postpone its decision on whether to order internet service providers in the country to block access to five of the most visited adult tube sites in France.

French Senate Approves Rules to 'Complicate the Lives' of Adult Content Producers

The French Senate on Tuesday twice amended a bill to “secure and regulate the digital space,” adding provisions that would mandate warnings if any adult content simulates an illegal act, and require sites to remove adult content upon a performer’s request.

Dorcel Testing Age Verification Solution in France

Veteran French studio Dorcel is currently testing a “double anonymity” age verification solution designed by a Marseille-based tech company.

French Government Admits New Adult Content Law Will Target Twitter Too

The French government has confirmed that the new bill it introduced on Wednesday to bypass the courts and force platforms to implement age verification will apply not only to specifically adult sites but also to any site that allows explicit content, including Twitter.

France Moves to Force Adult Websites to Comply With Unclear Age Verification Law

The center-right French government led by Emmanuel Macron confirmed over the weekend that it will attempt to bypass the courts to force the five largest adult sites accessible in the country to comply with a controversial, vaguely worded 2020 age verification law.

French Court Sets July Date to Decide Whether to Block Adult Sites

The Paris Judicial Tribunal held a hearing earlier this month with representatives from five of the most visited adult tube sites in France, and set itself a July 7 deadline to decide whether to order internet service providers in the country to block access to those sites.

France Aims to Expand Age Verification to Social Media Platforms

The Culture Committee of France’s National Assembly voted last week to expand age verification requirements already mandated for adult content to include several popular mainstream social media platforms.

France to Require Government Certificate to View Adult Content Online

France’s Minister for Digital Affairs confirmed yesterday that a government-issued “digital certificate” certifying the person’s age will be necessary to view all adult content on line starting in September.

French Minister Proposes Requiring Credit or Debit Card for Porn Access

French Secretary of State for Childhood Charlotte Caubel has begun advocating for a mandatory age verification system under which access to pornographic websites would be granted exclusively to credit or debit card holders.

French Senate's New Anti-Porn Report Calls Adult Content 'Infernal,' Recommends Censorship

A French Senate committee has issued a virulently anti-porn report comparing the adult industry with “hell” and recommending state regulation and censorship.

France's Porn Block: Details of MindGeek's Constitutional Challenge Explained

Legal analysts published this week a detailed explanation of MindGeek’s ongoing constitutional challenge against a French media regulatory agency’s attempt to completely block adult sites in the country over age-verification compliance.

France, Germany Move Forward With Efforts to Block Adult Sites

Prompted by anti-porn activists and politicians, courts in France and Germany moved forward this week with proposed mandates to block adult sites over compliance with controversial age verification mandates. 

French Anti-Porn Activists Ask Government to Suspend Twitter Over Adult Content

French activist groups claiming to represent “the children” will formally request today that online government regulator Arcom suspend Twitter in France unless the platform finds, within two weeks, a way to block minors from what the groups consider “pornographic” content.

Jenna Starr Lands Cover Spotlight of FHM France

Jenna Starr has landed the cover spotlight of the current issue of FHM France.

French Senators Propose Treating Adult Content 'Like Terrorism or CSAM'

New details surfaced today about a French media regulatory agency's plan to block all major free adult sites in the country, in response to a controversial age verification law.

French Court Rejects Religiously Inspired Attempt to Block Top Tube Sites

A Paris court of appeals rejected last week the attempt by local War on Porn groups, led by an extremist Catholic organization, to use France’s media authority and the courts to block the most popular adult tube sites in the country.