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U.K.-Based ElectraStim Launches Major U.S. Expansion

The sex toys market has been releasing an abundance of high-tech products in recent years, and one of the companies that has successfully focused on the growing demand for electro-sex toys is ElectraStim.

Alex Henderson ·

ElectraStim Unveils Jack Socket XL

ElectraStim has re-engineered the Jack Socket to more comfortably accommodate the well-endowed gentleman.

ElectraStim Unveils Prestige ElectraLoops

ElectraStim has announced the release of Prestige ElectraLoops, its latest addition to the brand's line of electro-sex products.


Male Toys: Innovation, Quality and Variety Driving Sales

The market for men’s sex toys is evolving, and an expanding variety of men’s products means new popular products and new trends that retailers are striving to keep up with.

Genie Davis ·

Eropartner Now Carrying 'ElectraStim Jack Socket'

Eropartner is one of the first distributors to carry the new ElectraStim Jack Socket.

ElectraStim Taking Pre-Orders for 'Jack Socket'

ElectraStim is now accepting wholesale pre-orders for its new male masturbator the Jack Socket Electro Stroker, to be released Tues., Mar. 1.

ElectraStim Releasing 'Jack Socket'

New male masturbator will be available on Mar. 1.

ElectraStim Partners Up With Eropartner Distribution

Eropartner Distribution is now offering items from the ElectraStim collection, ranging from dildos and prostate stimulators to electro spanking paddles and pinwheels.

ElectraStim Releases 'Tech Sex' Survey

ElectraStim has released a survey focusing on the sexual desires of those who use electrostimulation sex toys.