ElectraStim Releases 'Tech Sex' Survey

HERTFORDSHORE, England — ElectraStim has released a survey focusing on the sexual desires of those who use electrostimulation sex toys.

The anonymous research included sample answers from 106 participants from the company’s social media and newsletter marketing.

Males represented 72 percent of participants, indicating that men were more interested in the shock products as only 19 percent of the respondents were female.

Nearly 57 percent of participants were interested in vaginal toys, possibly showing a good proportion of electro sex fans buying toys for a female partner.

Also canvassed was futuristic sex tech that accounted for the biggest proportion of toys mentioned in the survey. ElectraStim said tech geeks are consciously looking for the next thing. Nearly 18 percent of participants said their dream sex toy purchase was a work of science fiction. The top sci-fi fantasy toy was a sex robot, with just over 11 percent wishing for their own android sex partner or cyber dominatrix. Next up was virtual reality sex, with Oculus Rift and Star Trek’s Holodeck checked as perfect platforms.

The research also found that with developments in teledildonics moving quickly, it won’t be long until fully immersive porn with the likes of Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear emerging.

Sex machines took the number two spot for the most popular dream toys with 16 percent wanting to own one. The Sybian was the most checked brand.

Other findings revealed that most people enjoyed one-on-one time with a sex toy, with 79 percent saying they always or often use sex toys when masturbating. Slightly fewer participants shared toys always or often with a partner at 74 percent.

The most popular fantasy desired was bondage, with 75 percent of participants itching to tie up their partners, while anal play took second place with 73 percent.

The least popular fantasies were cyber/virtual sex at 24 percent, and phone sex at just under 20 percent, compared to the 46 percent who were interested in pleasuring a partner using an app-controlled device.

ElectraStim said that it seems those who enjoy sex tech prefer sharing their kinks with a partner. The lower interest in cyber and virtual sex indicates that most participants would rather opt for the human touch when it comes to play.