ElectraStim Partners Up With Eropartner Distribution

ElectraStim Partners Up With Eropartner Distribution

ZWAAGDIJK, The Netherlands — Eropartner Distribution is now offering items from the ElectraStim collection, ranging from dildos and prostate stimulators to electro spanking paddles and pinwheels.

Eropartner has added the following ElectraStim products to its assortment: The Flick Stimulator Pack and Multi-Pack, the Flick Duo Stimulator Pack and Multi-Pack, the Remote Controlled Stimulator Kit and Sensavox — all complete kits ready to be used. All items are backed by a 12-month warranty, which after purchase and registration is extendable to 3 years.

In addition, a variety of black silicone accessories are available, like the Aura, a multifunctional plug, Nona, a G-spot stimulator, Ovid, a silicone dildo, the Lula kegel exercisers and Sirius, a prostate massager, as well as the ElectraLoops, which can be used around any part of the shaft to help enhance sexual sensation and maximize the intensity of the orgasm.

Besides the silicone accessories, the kits and the Loops, there are also the marine-grade aluminium accessories, like the Wave Electro Dildo, Rocket Dildo, Depth Charge Dildo, three different sized butt plugs and both bi- and uni-polar clamps. The ElectraPaddle Leather Paddle, the Uretha Probes in three different sizes and the Uni- and Bi-polar Pinwheels round up the collection.

Eropartner Distribution also offers special ElectraStim sterile cleaning wipes and lubricant and conductive gel, as well as both long and square adhesive pads and spare cables.

“ElectraStim products produce electrical signals that stimulate the nerve endings providing a different sensation, and thereby being a great alternative to products that vibrate or rotate,” says Elcke Wieffering, head of purchasing at Eropartner Distribution. “Lately we have seen an increase in demand for such products, and we believe that the ElectraStim products are what our retail partners have been asking for.”

Andy Smith, from ElectraStim adds, “ElectraStim brand owners Cyrex are thrilled to be working with Eropartner who have been in our sites for some time.  Over the past few years we have got to know each other a little better and with Eropartner on-board we are confident that the presence of ElectraStim is destined to grow throughout Europe over the coming years.  With the ElectraStim Silicone Noir Rocker butt plugs just released and other exciting new items on their way, the timing is just right too.”

To find out more about ElectraStim, click here http://wholesale.eropartner.com/assortment.php?brand=209 or contact the Eropartner Distribution sales department at info@eropartner.com.