ElectraStim Releasing 'Jack Socket'

LONDON — ElectraStim has announced the Mar. 1 release of its new male masturbation device, the ElectraStim Jack Socket.

ElectraStim said, “The ElectraStim Jack Socket is a compact, realistic stroker with a difference. It has a curvaceous internal texture, skin-like movement and a life-like feel, but the similarities with other men’s sex toys ends there.”

Describing how the Jack Socket works, ElectraStim said, “ElectraStim stimulators create a mild electrical current that is conducted by electro sex toys, transmitting the sensation to your body. A connecting wire with 2mm pins allows any ElectraStim toy to be powered by any of our stimulators. We also sell adapters for use with other stimulator brands.”

The Jack Socket requires conductive gel, which comes included in the pack. ElectraSim said, “This is inserted into the gel ports and allows sensation to be conducted through the sleeve. Water-based lubricant is then applied to the inside of the sleeve to give a slippery, wet and natural feel.”  

ElectraSim said that when the Jack Socket is used, “The sensation starts with a gentle tingle that comes and goes in time with the stimulation pattern. Patterns vary between stimulator models, but they generally throb, wave, pulsate, escalate and fall — or a combination of all three.”

The Jack Socket comes with a sample of lubricant, a 60g tube of electro conductive gel, a flexible case and instructions in different languages.

The Jack Socket can be fully disassembled for cleaning using soapy water and an antibacterial sex toy cleaner. Its inner sleeve can be dusted with cornstarch after cleaning to maintain suppleness and extend its life. 

ElectraSim said that users should “make sure all components are dry before reassembling the stroker and replacing the cap to protect the sleeve during storage.”

ElectraStim is a UK-based company that offers a variety of male sex toys.