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Missouri Teacher Suspended After Being Outed as OnlyFans Creator

A Missouri school district suspended a high school English teacher Wednesday after someone outed her as an OnlyFans creator.

Bias in Banking: How FSC Is Leading the Charge in Fight for Fairness

Ask most people what they remember about the 1997 film “Boogie Nights,” and they’ll probably recall Heather Graham dancing around as Rollergirl, or the infamous pool party, or Mark Wahlberg finally — spoiler alert — unveiling his prosthetic penis.

ACLU Asks FTC to Investigate Mastercard for Discrimination Against Sex Workers, Adult Sites

The American Civil Liberties Union on Tuesday filed a formal complaint asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Mastercard for discriminatory practices against sex workers and adult content websites.

FSC Executive Director to Present Banking Discrimination Data to Strip Club Execs

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) Executive Director Alison Boden will present the trade organization’s work on banking and financial discrimination to the Association of Club Executives.

FSC Files Financial Discrimination Complaint Against Banking Service Novo

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has filed a formal complaint against fintech provider Novo, after the banking service provider rejected the organization's business account application without providing any reason for its decision.

FSC Petitions Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Over Discrimination Against Adult Industry, Workers

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has submitted an official comment to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), asking regulators to address the issue of discriminatory banking practices and their effects on adult businesses and workers.

FSC Meeting With Congress Members to Discuss Banking Discrimination Against Sex Workers, Adult Businesses

Free Speech Coalition is meeting with members of Congress this week in an effort to combat the financial discrimination faced by adult businesses.

Holistic Wisdom Releases Guide on Disability, Sex and Discrimination

Holistic Wisdom has released a guide on disability, sex and discrimination.

FSC Report Reveals Widespread Financial Discrimination Against Adult Industry

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has released a new report detailing the extent of financial discrimination against the adult industry.

Bloomberg Probes Financial Discrimination Against Adult Performers, Creators

Bloomberg published a report today documenting how adult performers and content creators have become “collateral damage” in an ongoing campaign to make online platforms liable for user-generated content.

Instagram Deplatforms Director of Netflix's Pornhub Documentary 'Money Shot'

Instagram disabled the account of filmmaker Suzanne Hillinger this morning, only a week after her documentary “Money Shot” premiered on Netflix.

Retired Italian Performer Wins Employment Discrimination Lawsuit

A judge has ordered an Italian university to pay 4,000 euros ($4,290) to a prestigious academic after dismissing him, an action he alleged was prompted by his former career as an adult performer.

Pornhub Denounces Renewed Censorship of Instagram Account

Pornhub released a statement denouncing the arbitrary censorship of its Instagram account, after it was briefly reactivated for a few hours yesterday before being shut down again.

Spanish Activists, Human Rights Groups Denounce Ongoing Attempt to Outlaw All Sex Work

Spanish sex workers, including adult producers and performers, continue to denounce a government attempt to outlaw all forms of commercial sex, starting with a controversial law deemed “dangerous” by human rights advocates.

NBC News Probes Instagram's 'Sex Censorship,' Sex Worker Discrimination

NBC News published a report today on the harms resulting from Instagram’s censorship of content related to sex and sexuality.

Slate Probes Social Media Discrimination Against Pleasure Product Companies

Slate published a report last week documenting discrimination against pleasure product companies by major social media platforms.

Russia Authorizes State Censors to Block All Gay, Lesbian and Trans Porn

The Russian government published Monday a decree granting censorship powers to the state media regulator to block any websites containing “LGBT propaganda,” a definition that includes all gay, lesbian and trans adult content.

FSC Announces 'Banking Discrimination' Panelists for Upcoming Summit

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has announced the panelists for the “Banking Discrimination” session at the upcoming FSC Summit, taking place on Jan. 12, the final day of the XBIZ LA conference.

Wired Publishes Opinion Piece Stigmatizing Adult Content, Sex Work

Wired Magazine published an online opinion piece today by Virgina Heffernan, who deployed a number of stigmatizing and stereotypical tropes about sex work and depictions of sex in order to advance her entirely conjectural notions about the future of adult content on Twitter.

FSC Meets With Congress Over Banking Discrimination

FSC staff this week met with key House and Senate offices in a series of meetings discussing banking discrimination against the adult industry.