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Clips4Sale Legal Webinar to Cover Nevada Privacy Law, Crypto, DBAs

The third installment of the monthly webinar series The Clips4Sale Legal Zone, featuring Clips4sale founder Neil and attorney Corey D. Silverstein, will be recorded live tomorrow, Tuesday June 18 at 4 p.m. EST/1 p.m. PST.

New Clips4Sale Legal Webinar Series Debuts Monday

Clips4Sale’s new webinar series, The Clips4Sale Legal Zone, will make its debut this Monday, May 20.

Clips4Sale Debuts Legal Webinar Series With Neil, Attorney Corey D. Silverstein

Clips4Sale has announced the launch of Clips4Sale Legal Zone, a webinar series featuring company founder Neil and industry attorney Corey D. Silverstein.

Stroken Retains Corey Silverstein, Debuts 'The Bounty' $10K Payout

TekPrepper, the operator of, has announced that it has retained the services of Corey D. Silverstein and Silverstein Legal as it propels itself into the adult entertainment industry.

Attorney Corey Silverstein Joins Pineapple Support's Service Roster

Pineapple Support announced today that in addition to engaging adult industry Corey D. Silverstein and his firm Silverstein Legal as retained counsel, a deal has been struck where his firm's attorneys will be made available to Pineapple Support clients who require services at special rates.

Industry Attorneys Weigh In on Sessions' Exit as AG

Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned Wednesday at the request of President Trump, ending a turbulent tenure that followed months of Trump expressing his displeasure with him.

Dating Site Operator to Pay Restitution, Fine for Auto Renewals

Spark Networks USA, the parent company of niche dating sites and, can now be added to a growing list of dating website operators that have been probed, prosecuted and punished for unfair or deceptive acts.

Review Site Can't Be Ordered to Remove Posts, California Justices Rule

The California Supreme Court yesterday reversed an appellate court ruling that upheld an order that required Yelp to remove a negative review of a business.

Trump Signs SESTA/FOSTA Into Law

President Trump signed into law on Wednesday the anti-sex-trafficking legislation known as SESTA/FOSTA.

Theories Are Flying as to Why Trump Hasn't Signed SESTA

So what’s the deal with the anti-sex trafficking bill known as SESTA?

Variety Asks Adult Industry to Weigh In on 'Deepfakes'

As the “deepfakes” phenomenon begins to make headlines in mainstream media, Variety published a report today that sought out answers from some of the top executives in the adult entertainment industry about where this is all headed.

XBIZ Adds Industry Attorney Corey Silverstein to Blog Lineup

XBIZ is pleased to announce the addition of adult industry attorney Corey Silverstein to its roster of distinguished blog columnists.